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  1. I have flicked the switch to turn rockets on (switch behind the joy stick) Master arm is on. guns and cannons fire..all the gun fuse buttons are on but still unable to fire the rockets. I have tried the bomb release button to see if that would work. I do not see a key bind beyond emergency release for the rockets. Any help appreciated.
  2. I posted about this yesterday....same thing happens with me. Looks like the mission will be disabled with hotfix. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=235428
  3. In instant action I can not seem to get the Persian Gulf Tour to load. It gets to Terrain Graphics Init:97,Persian Gulf.ng5 and stops. On another attempt it makes no progress loading. I'm running a i7-920 CPU, R9.390 video card, 24 Gigs of RAM, plenty of space on a 500 GB SSD. Windows 10. Not a beast of a system. So far everything else has been grand! Having a lot of fun! Was just wondering if this is on my end (do a repair in that case) or if others are having the problem.
  4. I wonder if anyone will make a vf-1 Fire bird skin ala Top Gun.
  5. Odd no one else is reporting this. System specific maybe? I am happy that I got the sensor select stuff working however I checked today and it appears Request AWACS and join up formation are red now.....not too worried about them as I'd much rather have my sensor selects working..small price to pay. When I say red I probably mean grayed out...I am color blind.
  6. I noticed tha HOTASt sensor select forward shares a default bind with Communications: Request AWACS home airbase (Left Windows Key U) HOTAS sensor select Left shares a default bind with Communications: Join Up formation (L windows y) If I clear the communications bindings and use the enter default button to enter the binds into the sensor select forward and sensor select Left my sensor selects work until I restart the game. Once I do so my sensor select switches are red in the control options and nothing short of rebuilding the av8B input file fixes it...of course after flying its messed
  7. Thanks for the information on the pilot!
  8. I am unable to hide the joystick in the harrier or show pilot. I am wondering if these features are not implemented or if I have key binding problems. Also my frame rate counter is activated by Right control/scroll even if the field in options is entirely blank. Cant change it. Thanks in advance for any insight.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I tried everything. Binding to my HOTAS, rebuilding the input folder and control folders, uninstalling the aircraft and reinstalling it, etc etc etc........ spent a lot of time trying to fix this. What finaly worked was "upgrading" from the stable version of DCS 2.5 to the BETA version of DCS 2.5. Luckily I did not have to start from scratch on the download. These instructions were useful....https://www.reddit.com/r/hoggit/comments/7u2hrj/how_to_update_stable_15_to_25_open_beta/ thanks to everyone that had a couple pennies to throw in...I am back in business! I just
  10. I still have not gotten this one figured out. Autostart shows up in the options and goes right to it when a ipress LW indows + Home. It just doesn't do anything once in the AV-8B. I am wondering if it could be a registry problem since i uninstalled dcs and reinstalled to a SSD drive???
  11. I can not seem to get the autostart (Lwindows key,Home) to work. I am wondering if it is not implemented or if I have a config problem etc. Thanks for any imnformation.
  12. Sad to hear this I am late to this thread. I had wondered what happened to Jim and am sad that he has passed away...it was much too soon. I do not know of anyone that had his passion for bringing in new players and introducing them to the A-10C. He really loved that aircraft and his passion really shone through by his enthusiasm and his actions..he brought in so many new guys like myself..and before you knew it he had a crew up in the air and actually running some of the complex systems and doing the missions. His patience was exemplary..he really was a passionate teacher and mentor...th
  13. I bought training missions from Maple Flag about 3 years ago or so...are the ones being sold on DCS the same? Do they update what I have already installed from Maple Flag? Thanks!
  14. Most of my volume controls in options were sitting around 50%...I turned it all up towards 80% or so and it seems to have eliminated the sudden popping in of engine sound and that other ugly noise. I will try and recreate by turning volumes down and get that file posted when I get some time. Repair did not eliminate problem. Thanks.
  15. I do not hear my bf109 motor running until I throttle up 3/4 of the way then it suddenly pops in...this is followed by some ugly rough sounding wind type noise that does not sound natural..it cuts in and out. I also do not hear the machine guns firing. I tested in 1.5 and everything in that version works great....just 2.0 has the problems. The Mustang has the same sound problems or close to it..will test that further.
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