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  1. Thanks Mustang I will download the new set. I don't use shadows GPU very low GT525m 1GB :)
  2. Can anything be done about them trees ? I get severe fps loss when there are trees especially the forest types
  3. Cool looking forward to this
  4. Mustang , I put the original .lua files back from your texture , but I have kept the LOD to low should increase it to medium ? So far it looks nice. Performance is good. The texture is better at high altitude
  5. oh ok. But I am worried my fps might drop ? I will try it out though no worries there.
  6. Actually I am using your old lua scripts because I am on an old laptop. Would that be causing it ?
  7. Here and I have the textures to high. I am not trying to compare but in the other texture set that I use I love the way the mountains look . Here it looks dull but hey I am not an artist it's just my thinking that it looks dull. Else the other flat areas looks real good.
  8. I don't know the mountain looks quite dull on my system. Please let me check again. I shall revert back in sometime.
  9. Installed and tried it on the AO server , it's nice but If the mountain textures can be changed ?
  10. Just used OVGME and installed the Mod and hope it works. Going to use Mustangs scripts too for the low end system
  11. Great , downloading it right now 2 mins left :)
  12. I will try it with OVGME, looks like a nice texture will download from work :). Cya later in the skies.
  13. Wow Mustang, is this is the new update you told me about on the AO server yesterday ? Will it work with OVGME ?
  14. The smoothest landing now no nose bounce or wing rocking on approach perfect , touchdown is little below 320 but I get the throttle down just before touch and let the baby float and give it a flare nice and soft
  15. Wow I fly it like that :) Any recommendation for a 2 feet extended stick Dolphin ? curve sat settings ?
  16. There already is a thread about the same "Insane Roll Rate"
  17. Anyone noticed that the right roll tendency has gone when you leave the stick instead I am getting the left roll. Yeah this has nothing got to do with this topic
  18. Yes the ball moves hyper, but I start getting a wing slide so I have to stop it hence never blacked out. Will try it tonight.
  19. I have never been able to sideslip the fishbed
  20. That I think I had encountered that on the previous FM's or was it simply a spin don't remember it was quite long back and it probably just happened a couple of times. Just give Magnitude to update this weekend hopefully.
  21. We all were used to the old FM where there weight being calculated hence we might be feeling the new FM behavior of the roll aracadish. Dolphin is the real mig21 active pilot so I would say the aircraft will get close to the real one over updates. Yes I still feel the weight not being there because when one of the gears is out she still flys the same no drag nothing. This was the case when I first flew the F-15 and noticed that one of the gears was out and the Eagle was flying without any issues, but I was told the Eagle has CAS which takes care of it and the engines are very powerful. I doubt that would be the case in the fishbed but I am no one to judge as I have zero flight experience nor have I flown the mig21 except watched them every morning during there exercises near the Indian Air Force station in Pune. Now only if I can get this bird to land properly without braking the gears :(
  22. Do you mean the yaw happening with the roll ? I have that issue Sometimes it feels like a yaw departure
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