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  1. Sokol, The circuit of the logitech is very small and it does not have a jumper , but thanks for the link i will go through it. Right now i am more concerned about the magnets position because i know at least the hall effect is working with external voltage. but what the position of the magnets should be is a bit dicey
  2. @Fragbum Just checked the voltage on the logitech Pins , 3rd is ground and the voltage i get is around 3.9 to 4v , but on the 2nd pin the voltage is way too low around 0.25v. Now i am thinking of using 5v of the arduino rather than connecting the external USB power. One thing if you would help me with is the position of the magnet to the MH481. what i have noticed is that the axis only goes half way , meaning it will go to 100% but remain at 50% when moving the magnet away , so it remains in the center , this i am trying on the Z axis for now ,but using different angles i get the axis to full high and full low which is a bit confusing. Would appreciate some suggestions Now i know that the sensors are working so i can use the arduino for gauges display and switches that should be fine. As the 10k pot is working on it using Unojoy. Maybe later i might by the Leonardo board but that;s later. Before that i have to figure out the collective with throttle design.
  3. Do you mean on the logitech pins ? What i remember was that the 3rd pin is ground because that's when i get some voltate showing up on the meter , but the moment i get home i will test it again.
  4. When i connect the Sensor only to the Logitech pins the voltage on the analogue drops below 1v. What I will do is once i get back home in a couple of hours , recheck the voltages and post it here.
  5. Yes that is the best option , but strangely the voltage is way below 1v on the analogue pin when i connect them only to the logitech. But surprises me is why it is working the way i have connected , maybe not enough grounding i don't know.
  6. @Fragbum @Sokol1_br Very weird think happened when today morning before leaving for work i tried the hall effect back on the logitech attack 3 with a 5v USB external power , the axis was jumping , i don't know from where i got this brilliant idea , but i went ahead and connected the VCC and the GND of the logitech on to the relevant pins of the hall effect. Now both USB 5V + GND and Logitech 5v + GND are connected to the hall effect pins and the 3rd to the analougue and then i put the magnet and voila there it was working and super smooth. Now i need to figure out how to connect the magnets in the efficient way.
  7. Yeah it don't work nothing works :( i will check mjoy16 thanks. I tried unojoy and connected a pot to the A0 but nothing
  8. Hi Sokol, The chip has a label AT328p-u and I am already trying MMjoy, though thanks for the info. I will post the results. I do have the hall effect connected on Digital pin 12 lets see how does MMjoy Its a clone Arduino Uno R3
  9. @Fragbum This is what I am going to try , it has something for Hall sensors, I have not yet found anything with Unojoy using Hall sensors. https://github.com/MMjoy/mmjoy_en/wiki/Connecting-basic-inputs-and-setting-up-software Wish me luck that I don't brick it again :)
  10. Hi, The hall effect is working with the magnets, I checked it with the meter and also using a LED , so If I get the south pole next to the sensor the LED lights up and when I move it away the light goes off and same with the voltage it drops below 2.0v. Though I need to change the firmware to Unojoy and I almost bricked it:). I am not sure how I will go about the sensors with Unojoy . There is also MMjoy. I need to check more so that I can use this as a HID Joystick and also if possible for some gauges to display. The Arduino Uno what I have is the clone one. Thanks for the help Fragbum.
  11. So tried the Arduino uno using a LED and put the magnet near the sensor and the light is going ON and then OFF depending on the magnetic distance. Thanks Fragbum about the data pin :) Now I will search for a code for the axis and lets see how it goes, the plan is to make a cyclic / collective with the throttle .
  12. bought myself an Arduino Uno R3 , need to connect the sensors now :)
  13. The magnet effect does move the axis but it's not noticeable unless one watches it closely. let me read the data sheet of this sensor.
  14. Auto jumping as in the axis moves on it's own , e.g. when calibrating the throttle on the Z axis you will see the movement happens auto. I am using windows device calibration axis indicators. Device and Printers under that , so if you try to calibrate it will have a red and blue bar which automatically keeps going up right or left. even when there is no magnetic field.
  15. Yep it drops voltage when the magnet distance varies. But it still auto jumps without any magnets around it. I will need to check that. I have the button type neodiums , if needed can extra the ones from the old hdds.
  16. Hi Fragbum, Thanks yes looks like the 3rd pin is the data output. And now when I check the voltage on the data it is 2.49 . The axis do seem to move with the magnets but that auto jumping is yet there. Thanks for your help for the analogue output. One more step ahead . Yes I completely understand that's it might not be a 100% replacement but for the Logitech attack separate pots aren't available because these are very tiny and have askmed around but the don't seem have them.
  17. Ok, so here's what I did , I used USB 5V Vcc and connected a 10k resistor on the VCC pin and put the middle pin to the Logitech Data pin , and then I saw the axis are jumping even if I don't do anything. though some magnetic field detection is happening but the axis are too twitchy , so at least I went one step further , now got to figure out why is the axis jumping when there is no magnetic field near it. Voltage on the Hall sensor using USB power is showing around 4v so that's fine.
  18. You all are so lucky to have working Sensors :(
  19. Yep it shouldn't , the Logitech is 3.3v when I searched on the net but strangely I am getting 4v but still that's ok , I will check this voltage regulator or try a USB VCC to it. Thanks.
  20. well I haven't yet ordered the other Hall Sensors, so now I thought I will retry the MH481 and to my surprise the Voltage drops when I connect these MH481 from 4v straight down to under 1v. I am sure the sensors aren't shorted , just to check , used a 10k on the joystick 4v to VCC of the hall sensor using the other MH481 and same under 1v. According to the data sheet it's output should be around 2.5v that's if I read it correctly. Would appreciate any advise. P.S: Yes I need to get hold of the Allegro but I have these MH481 fresh so thought will try it.
  21. No worries :) I used 8 GB today which is the max this board supports so until I get a system overhaul I will have to join the MP the same way :)
  22. I agree , but is the MP login an issue due to low hardware ? Because the 1st time it never connects and only on the 2nd try it will connect to the server and if the server resets than its the same thing all over again. The 1st try can take almost 10-15 but the 2nd time it will connect within a couple of minutes. Me thinks its loading a lot of stuff on the 1st try.
  23. The MP issue seems to be with the Caucasus map , I tried the NTTR map in MP , though it didn't connect the 1st time but on the 2nd try it did and it was good . today I tried to connect the Caucasus map in and after like 10 tries got through.
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