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  1. Hmmm, well there are four speeds CAS / IAS / TAS / GS I forgot about the speeds don't remember them well. I just had ground training long back but never completed the flight training. e.g. if you are flying @270 kts, and there is a head wind of 20kts then it is your ground speed which will be 250 kts. and similar with the tail wind. your taxing speed is also your ground speed. I think you are talking about WCA in the second line I guess. which is a bit different , WCA is used when the wind is coming from different angles. and there again is a calculation to adjust the nose position.
  2. K. There are two ground speeds once when you have head wind and the other is on the ground taxiing.
  3. I think the alram went off at around 260 kts @ 350 AGL. I don't have trouble gaining or loosing altitude or maintaing a levelled flight.
  4. BTW guys I am flying her like a sports car :) she is a pure beauty. As you fellows said the trick is the TRIM due to the Co-axial rotors. Thnx to all. She responds sweetly but only if you be gentle with her just like a woman :). Just wish if there was KA 50 for X plane 10 as I could have roamed all over the world. I made a good landing. flew her properly levelled and level turns. I can fly her pretty low, Did hover her without the hover key. I still feel the collective is a bit off. Currently Trying to check the speeds according to the altitude as she starts a warning at around 250-260 kts hmm but don't remember what was the altitude. so I have to lower the speeds.
  5. Ah ok. BTW what add ons should be installed ? I feel the terrain looks very barren. Are there any maps like Afghanistan ? apologize to put this up here , but if you guys suggest me to put it up in the scenery section then i will. I have a second logitech attack 3 maybe I could mod that in to a collective.
  6. About the hovering, what I meant was in a reali heli is that with a switch or is manually controlled hovering ?
  7. Ok. I will try it as a continuous input during attitude /altitude changes. BTW i was just wondering do any helis have a hover switch ? I mean like in the KA 50 there is a key assigned to it. Is hovering not a controlled thing ? Hmm one thing just came in to my mind is there collective "+" on the numpad. Shouldn't the collective make smaller changes as after a couple key presses she rises too high. LOL i know the documentation should be read properly. Thnx.
  8. I have mapped my joystick button to the Trim but i do not think it is trimming well. If i have to keep trimming her during flight then what will happen during attack runs or dogfights , i would not trim at that moment. Of course the speed will drop on altitude gain. I shut off the AP thing and i fly her better.
  9. Wow guys i did not expect so many replies. Yeah it is difficult to transition from a fixed wing to a rotor i guess. Let me jump deep in to the manual.
  10. Hey, Is it necessary to keep AP ON ? I don't auto pilot , imo AP is needed only when you have heading /alt / air speed and everything set and let her fly. But this being a chopper I definitely would not know if it is needed. I guess you are talking Pilot Induced Oscillation ?
  11. Yep I have them all ON. Though i would not know much about helis, but I feel it could not be the trim reason being if I trim the C172 on climb / speed she will maintain that and climb perfectly (of course not comparing a fixed wing to a heli) , the shark is going all over the place and it is not just the nose up / down problem it is on all axis. BTW i am using the Logitech Attack 3. RCTRL + ENTER shows the correct caliberation of the stick.
  12. Hi, I am from India and have some real ground training in flights but never flown, as i had to cut the training short due financial issues, So i use FSX / XPX for training. I just started using DCS Black Shark, i really like the bird she is just cool. My problem is that the bird does not remain stable at all in flight. my joystick input is stable , the moment i leave the stick she tends to get her nose up / pitch up and also keeps bouncing around. Her attitude is not stable. Do i have to trim her ? I have never flown a heli except in FSX but that was only for a couple flights. I train on the C172 though. Any help appreciated.
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