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  1. The Allegro 3144 jumps around even without a magnet , but i will try what you said. Thanks again.
  2. U r a genius :) thanks, it worked. :thumbup: Have a beer or two :) The MH 481 sensor seems stable , the Allegro 3144 keeps jumping. Now i just need to figure out how to connect it to the pedals :) all home made. Think i will use a ball bearing and stick it and put the sensor in the center so only the outer portion of the bearing will move where the magnets will be connected. M trying to make an anti torque pedals for the helis. Could be good also for the fixed wings. Would love to do a similar thing for the cyclic , for the cyclic i am using an arduino R3 with the MPU 6050 , though for the helis its perfect but it needs to be calibrated all the time. Will do the same for the collective , the collective is using a Mega with a pot though its very stable but i can then use the R3 and the Mega for something else.
  3. Hi, I have already done "Save settings to device" and did it again but the LED does not blink. It's the same on both the Pro Micros. Also unplugged and plugged it in. This what i see in Devices and Printers https://ibb.co/rxPNk1m That Axis just doesn't move, gave VCC / GND / Data to the right pins on the pots and also on the sensor , the Data pin i used on the Micro is A3
  4. @Sokol1_br Here https://ibb.co/ZxrBT5G I have flashed using the latest MMJoy2 from sites.google.com in Devices it will show the device but the axis won't move. I have A3 for the sensor and also the pots Only have assigned one axis right now for testing.
  5. AH thanks, i could get the joystick under windows devices , but the sensor does nothing if i use the magnet , the same sensors work on the logitech connector but it's spiking. Think i burnt the MH 481 sensors on the Pro Micro :cry: The MH 481 has VCC Data GND The Allegro 3144 has VCC GND Data Yes these are not the standard sensors used by many. The MH 481 had worked when i tried it long back but then i had no time and with this lock down thought retrying it. Gonna tinker some more. Connected a Pot but even with it there is no axis movement and i have setup the axis for it , the same pot works on the mega , i have two pro micros and the result is the same , so hall sensor and even with the pot its not working. The LED on the Pro Micro remains GREEN even after rebooting / unplugging it doesn't change. Also tried a toggle switch but even that is not working.
  6. Hi, I am trying to setup the pedals using hall sensors and a Pro Micro, flashed the Micro with the MMJoy setup and shows up as a MMJ-Reset device , but on double clicking the device in Devices and Printers (joystick) it says its disconnected , The hall sensors that i have are the MH 481 and the Allegro 3144. Any help appreciated.
  7. There is some MP connection timer in todays update, for me connecting to MP still no luck , guess 16GB don't cut it anymore. Board doesn't support more than 16GB. damn. Or maybe my 2GB VRAM is now of no use even at low resolution for textures.
  8. agree it seems to be a management issue , either vram or ram .
  9. Why not give it try ? it may work or maynot , had this issue during low RAM and by managing it manually it worked, but that was before the last update.
  10. I don't have the F-14 , but there is a thread about users probably needing 32GB for it. Single player for me is not an issue but MP is just can't connect anymore. Think this is the thread : https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=234964&page=8
  11. It's eating a lot of memory , have this exact issue. try increasing the pagefile to 32384 it might just work. just until ED fixes it. give it a try
  12. Same here , exact problem. I set the page file to 32384, at least no crashing ehehe but ya i couldn't connect to a MP server.
  13. Probably something todo with numerology bs :)
  14. :mad: any screenshots ? just to see what it looks like !
  15. Mig 21 is mostly going to be phased out by 2020 iirc and in it's place would be the Tejas MKII LCA. Think the Rafale might be placed there too. I don't know about the Jag and the 27.
  16. Yep that's what it was. When i clicked on the server it asked me to purchase the module.
  17. ok. But it is not showing up now. Must have been some testing that time.
  18. What nonsense , photoshopped lol , i can send you the original screenshot which is still on the desktop ?
  19. The only paid map i own is the Nevada one. So really don't know if it's part of the Normandy map.
  20. It's been almost a year since i have used DCS i think. Mig21 was the most flown module by me. About the landing , my approach speed was in the envelope of 380-400 Kmph with flaps to landing config maintaining the glideslope , on the threshold the speed reduced was to around 320 and i would kinda let it glide before touchdown at 320. I do remember i used to idle the throttle. Correct me if wrong. Been using DCS again since the last couple of days and don't remember much now of the 21. Was stuck on to the Bell 412 of X-plane.
  21. Hi, Is Paris a new map being developed ? Just noticed this map in the MP listing and got a pop up to purchase it! This is the screenshot of the MP https://imgur.com/a/a0zrtB5 The last map. Rgds.
  22. Set a custom pagefile and the 1st time it did connect but immediate logout so it seems to be back to the two connection method after setting the pagefile.
  23. I can start in SP but when i connect to MP after a few minutes of the loading screen DCS crashes and i get the DXdiag dialog appearing. so the dcs crash dump is there. This is since the last two updates , was working fine on 8gb. Guess time for 8Gb more.
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