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  1. Meh. I don't agree with the argument that ED shouldn't do japanese aircraft because it won't be balanced for pvp. There are tons of people who love to fly the underdog and prove it's feasible to be competitive in pvp (you just need to see what the right people can do with a mig 21 fighting more modern aircraft). If ED would go the way of the eastern front, they'd certainly not get sales from me - I had my fill of the eastern front with IL2. What I'll focus on for DCS when it comes to ww2 is the PTO and nothing else (and I'm fine with ai only on the japanese side, I fly single player).
  2. This and the D3A Val would be very high on my purchase list
  3. Vietnam (my 1st choice, day one purchase) or Korea for me
  4. I guess I know what I want for christmas this year now
  5. I certainly disliked having the laser beam hidden without an option to have it and I'm glad it's back (in the mean time I had switched back to trackball instead)
  6. I sure hope they will. The 2 first missions of The Big Show campaign go right above that ugly patch. It wouldn't take much to make the textures look better from high altitudes because right now it just looks like a complete blur. If Ugra doesn't come back to fix this I'm not buying anything from them anymore (and I was about to - now my purchase is on hold until this is fixed)
  7. Well, I think it's really not about supporting only one sim or several. I'm one of the 2000 who pre ordered BOS, but I'd support any number of convincing projects. IL2 BOS happens to be in a place where I feel confident enough to support it by pre ordering it. With DCS WW2 1944 on the other hand, I see no re assuring signs that things will go any other way than they did with COD (they could go even worse, as Kickstarter pledges are NOT pre orders and RRG will have no obligation to give pledgers anything for their money). I have pledged for many projects on Kickstarter (45 projects to be precise!), sometimes projects undertaken by one or two guys only, and yet the DCS WW2 1944 project manages to be one of least detailed pitch I have ever seen there - this doesn't help at all. Given the way they presented the project, RRG can feel lucky that they will reach the initial goal. It's not that they "ruined my life", it's just that their previous project was very disappointing and heavily flawed, so now I'll just wait to see more concrete things before I get excited by this project.
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