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  1. Pardon my hyperbole then! Carry on! Can't wait to see what you cook up. PG runs wayyyy better than Caucauses ever did on my machine for some reason.
  2. Good luck. They only made a total of 6 ****ing Hornet slots. There's currently 30+ F15 slots sitting empty but apparently only 6 people bought the Hornet! So ****in annoyed, BF is basically all I play these days and I can't now. Off to find another server I guess.
  3. Can we do something about the crashing? Literally spent 2 hours taking off and flying around for nothing because I'd get within 30 miles of target only for the server to go down
  4. Any news? Or are we gonna have wait til May to hear anything new?
  5. Yeah I have since discovered exactly that. We really need a DCS modding Wiki badly so all of the information about modding is in one place.
  6. Specifically it is very light on Cockpit related items. Most of what I have figured out about creating gauges and switches has been from looking at the code and experimenting. It would be cool if there was a document explaining how to go from completed 3D Cockpit model to working in-game so for example: Basic animation guide that explains what parameters each animation should have for different types of devices and switches such as knobs, 2 and 3 position switches, rotary switches, rotary gauges and on/off style gauges and how they are related to the code. And possibly how that relates to external animations. Guide for all the known hard-coded animation arguments that exist now-currently the only list available is very old and some of the arguments don't work or have changed how they work. Guide for all of the collision, damage, and bounding box's..specifically how to place all of the "extra" things like gun ports, wheel smoke, etc. I believe this is in the BDGAM but the list of the available things to put on the aircraft and how/where to place them is not very detailed. Maybe some basic systems tutorials for creating working systems and how they relate to the clickable functions in the code. I'm sure there is more but like you I have learned most of my stuff from reading the scattered threads over and over and it would be nice if it was all centralized.
  7. Would you be willing to make a tutorial video? Your models are really beautiful and I would love to see some or part of your process to creating them!
  8. I am having some trouble with animating my Guages.. for some reason even if I rotate only in one plane(in this case the Y plane) autokey inputs rotation into all 3 planes that shouldn't be there. The result is that any of my animations that rotate create a guage needle/indicator that :"wobbles". Here is an example: https://youtu.be/BLBNpK-xKA0 I have tried locking the other planes in Max, but it only prevents me from creating rotation in those planes, after I autokey the animations it still comes up with the wobble.. Does anyone know how I can fix this without using bones? I know I can get around this with bones(as the bones seem to anchor the animations) but creating a bone for each and every guage sounds like a nightmare I'd like to avoid... Thanks for the help!
  9. Spot on about the first one, for some reason I guess I missed a mountvfsmodel line. Once inserted my models work again.. yay! Will look for that in my lua code though, thanks!
  10. 00060.360 ERROR GRAPHICSVISTA: Can't open model ****_Cockpit. I understand what this means(that it can't load the model for some reason?), but it doesn't make any sense.... model loads fine in Modelviewer and if I replace another aircraft's cockpit model also loads fine... any ideas why it wouldn't load? I have also a problem where cockpit_local_point appears to not actually do anything too but I'll work on that later(might rewrite mod from scratch) 00060.367 ERROR Lua::Config: load error ./Mods/aircraft/****/Cockpit/Scripts/HUD/Indicator/indication_page.lua:[string "./Mods/aircraft/****/Cockpit/Scripts/HUD/Indicator/indication..."]:45: '<eof>' expected near 'end'. No idea what this one is? is it related to why my cockpit won't load? if it is can someone tell me what this actually means.. seems its expecting something that's not there? What could it be? Thanks!!
  11. That's pretty much exactly what I'd be looking for! Very much looking forward to it. Thanks! Just consolidating all of the information would be a great start(and is what the BGDAM attempted to do). What will the policy be on using the A4 as a base for other aircraft? Like say I wanted to make a different jet, that had similar equipment, would you be upset if your code was re-used, tweaked for the appropriate numbers(and the correct art), and added any systems that aren't native to the A4?
  12. Maybe this has been answered already, but insofar as you have been creating the A4, have you guys created a "best practices" document that you might be able to release for other modders to follow in your footsteps? I know I personally plan to dissect everything I can discover once the A4 is released but finding information about _how_ to mod DCS could be helped by a project like this. By and large I have compiled plenty of my own information but I am just one person--I would love to hear that the A4 team has not only made an aircraft but a set of documents that would help the community create more aircraft in the future. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand that creating an aircraft is a huge undertaking--what is most frustrating though is the lack of documentation about how things in DCS work.
  13. Modding in DCS is not really good for a video series. The beginners guide is what you need, the problem is that its basically dead now and has no been updated in like 6 months to a year? At this point the community A4E will actually be a better learning tool for modders(at least if you want to make SFM aircraft) than anything else that is out right now. My own personal project is on hold until that is out because it has a lot of the same or similar systems to what I want to do and I can use the examples they have created to create another aircraft.
  14. Damn its over already? I just wanted to comment that this server is way less elitest than the blue flag server--for whatever reason everyone is nicer and seems to want to work together. Had a lot of fun flying my Mirage around sneaking behind enemy CAP and taking them out.
  15. I also would love to join in! Am on teamspeak if anyone can give me the password.
  16. OH! Cool. Don't have a problem with that, just didn't see an announcement of that issue anywhere. Thanks!
  17. I wish we had rescue missions or we got our lives back for ejecting. Right now its basically pointless to eject since you lose the life either way.
  18. Yeah, they aren't that hard to beat 1v1 or even 2v1... its the 1v4, 1v6 that results everytime some idiot flies over 3 bases and gets himself shot down by SAMS. It really ruins whatever combat you might get into vs any human players because its hard enough with only 4 missiles on the Mirage.
  19. I wish there was no ai CAP..they are really annoying
  20. Even with full AB if you load the thing with bombs all the way accross(which is still way under the listed take off weight) it will drive right off the runway past 70 knots(conveniently when the nosewheel stops working) if there is even the slightest crosswind. I don't know if that is normal but it seems like it should be correctable with rudder input but it isn't. Even the old trick of holding the elevator back to bring the nose up doesn't seem to help currently.
  21. Unless you are referring to now fixed bugs, Razbams SMEs disagree with you. Damage models are broken across the board for ai aircraft, but as someone who has flown a lot or mirage, the damage model sure seems correct, missiles kill it 98% of the time and the other 2% disable it so greatly that you are lucky if they don't finish you off.
  22. I can, there were plenty of times where I was flying CAP and still had a few missiles left that I could have gone and refueled and stayed on station vs flying all the way back to base leaving my CAS undefended.
  23. I am enjoying heaters only in my Mirage. Plucking F15's and F5's out of the sky is quite amusing. And now that I can slave the Magic's to my radar its even easier! Got more kills today than I did most of Blue Flag last round.
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