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  1. OK, SPO-15 might have been not chosen because of confidentiality reason . But on the other hand, SPO-15 is the RWR we have in Su-27/33, MiG-29 and Su-25(T) in game, so why would it available in thèse modules and classified for the Mi-24 ?
  2. And the confusions grows bigger and bigger. Were there sub-variants of the Mi-24P also ? Specific P model for the GDR ? As stated by the book, all variants coming after the V should be SPO-15 equipped (so should be the P ?). Maybe an IRL Mi-24 expert should explain the differences, that would be interesting
  3. Good afternoon all, I´m a bit confused regarding the RWR, we will get the module equipped with the SPO-10 RWR, located next to the clock and above the moving map. Maybe I´m wrong, but it looks the same as equipped in the MiG-21. However, I just got a book stating that Mi-24V and further versions were equipped with the SPO-15 (see pictures). Source book is Michael Noorman´s "Mil Mi-24 helicopter. In soviet/russian and worldwide service, 1972 to the present", page 98 So, here is the confusion, what is the real thing here ?
  4. Hello there, First of all, thanks for the awesome syrian map ! But there is one huge missing massive building/landscape, which is the Masyaf Fortress: https://images.app.goo.gl/eZMCH6uEBk3wnM9Z8 Yes, I "retro-played" assassin´s creed, and wondered "let´s ses if it´s there"
  5. Honestly, I expected crashes, or my PC struggling on its knees. No, no, NO, this is a GREAT update, thanks and well done ED ! Here a test video I made, 4500 meters over the Caucasus mountains in (or on) winter overcast weather https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vepPSWzLiRc
  6. ...is not the hind itself, I am sure we will have an outstanding module. No, my concern is hind vs AI. What I mean is we will have at release Shturm, which must guided within an engagement distance of 4km, which means we will have to fly straight on the target we want to kill. And 4km being within engagement of vehicle lanched ATGMs, and DCS AI being what it is (dumb as hell to do certain tasks, but have an eagle eye and sharpshooter skills), engagement may not have a happy end for the hind. What do you think guys ?
  7. Whoever will win the race, it looks like 2021 will be the Year of the Helicopter on DCS. However, in my opinion, 2 things to be fixed so we can fully enjoy helicopters in DCS: - Please ED, fix the AI, so there are no more death snipers. I mean, when facing infantry with the Mi-8, one, ONE bullet hit from infantry ends up with main hydraulic failure, and crash 2 minutes later. So, imagine what it will be in the OH-58 when flying low and dropping smoke grenades like real life videos we can watch on youtube. And, REALLY, who will proudly stand up, AK in the hand, facing a attack helicop
  8. In case someone is interested, I leave this here, right there... C-130J Manual here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P0iczQimU-J5-BRWIRD-02NItZXgCsso/view?usp=sharing
  9. THAT'S IT ! I managed to make Dimitriov's fantastic frenchpack compatible with Anubis' awesome Hercules: https://youtu.be/lI7xYZsPL-c My modified files are there, just copy and replace the original files in the hercule's mod folder but before PUT ORIGINAL FILES IN A SAFE PLACE !!!! Hercules_Loadout.lua Hercules_Cargo (frenchpack).lua
  10. Hello there ! Does anyone knows what to look for and where to look if you want to add transportable vehicles ? I would like to allow the Hercules to transport vehicles from Dimitriov's frenchpack but I have absolutely no clue how to do it
  11. AWESOME mod ! Thanks you Anubis ! Just started my "longest continuous DCS flight": - take-off from Al-Minhad, flight all the way north-west along the Koweitian coast, - when reaching the "end of Persian Gulf map" over southern Irak, I have an other mission loading, starting at the south end of Syrian map, - flying eqstward in jordanian airspace, turning northward once over Isreal and technical stop at Beyrouth airport - take-off from Beyrouth after refuelling, flying north-east over the sea, away from syrian airspace, and turning east-north-east when over Turkey until the "end o
  12. Good morning, OK, I tried the brakes. From what I saw, at cold start (BUT BATTERY IS ON, as gage needs electrical power), brake pressure gage shows 0. In my opinion, this is wrong as there should still be hydraulic pressure from the brake accumulator. An other thing that seems wrong (but I might be wrong), when engine is running, pressure gage shows 0, and when you press brake pedals, pressure rises and drops back to 0 when you release the brake pedals. It should be the opposite. When engine is running, you should read brake pressure on the gage, when you press the brake pedals pressure
  13. Hello there, I just had a look in the NATOPS manual, in the last pages where you have a complete diagramm of the harrier hydraulic. If you look at the center of this diagramm, in the bottom part of it, you can find a brake accumulator with its charge valve in nose gear wheel well, pressurised by: - either main hydraulic system 1 - either the hydraulic manual hand pump So, in my opinion, you should have brake pressure available from the accumulator during cold start. As you can see on the diagramm if you look at it, the cockpit brake pressure gage is even shown with the accumulator
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