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  1. +1 the V6 broke the IC :( Goz
  2. Thanks for the idea and the maintenance. Very nice to see helo initiative! Fly a hour yesterday afternoon. Maybe a windsock on each LZ will be a nice addition. ;) Goz
  3. When the helo is in red coalition, the cargo speaks russian. Try a blue mi-8 and it will speak english. Hard to change the full coalition for the entire campaign...
  4. Hi, Same. Just finished this campaing. 0 bug. I enjoyed every single mission! Thanks a lot fort the great work. Goz.
  5. Last update: My server is visible on WAN on the server list, but not on LAN. Refresh done and password or not. I have to connect manually by IP, but it works, so... Goz.
  6. Thanks for the reply, but none of the workaround works... Still can't connect anyway, public or not, connect by IP LAN or WAN... Goz.
  7. This bug has been declared on 2.1 and now it's spread to the 1.5 branch... Please take care of this one. My future MP mission are compromised... I ALWAYS fly like this. I can't fly in OA and now if I can't fly in stable, it will be a nightmare. With my squad we used to meet-up in LAN (20 pilots) twice a year. It's also compromised with this bug. Again, the same computers (server and client), same LAN, no problem in 1.5.6... Available, with logs and everything you need. Thanks a lot. Goz.
  8. Same problem here... No prob with the 1.5.6 on the same machine and network configuration. Goz.
  9. Plz? Thanks for your work! Goz.
  10. Chromium, I can confirm DAWS weather is broken with the last 2.0.5 too. Hope you can fix it. No rush any way ;) Thanks. Goz.
  11. Last OB 1.5.6 & OA 2.0.5 still no UPK pods... :( To reproduce, instant action, cold start, just ask for upk pod. Under wing pylon are goods but still no head up control panel. Goz.
  12. Cobra, OB 1.5.6 but still no UPK pod. Thanks. Goz.
  13. Voted! Drop down my warthog for a G940. It was sleeping on a shelve for 7 years. Works like a charm. Goz.
  14. Can confirm in 2.0.4 too... Goz.
  15. Chromium, Thanks for the update. I confirm it's work well in 1.5.5 and 2.0.4 too! Goz.
  16. Same for me. Only the audio panel is affected. And it's saved for ever. Not a big deal... Goz.
  17. Really enjoy this update. Thanks for this one! Goz.
  18. Thanks for the tip guys. Will try and let you know. Goz.
  19. Roll-back initiated since we have planned a co-op too. Thanks for your efforts guys. Goz.
  20. Same issue with last 1.5.4 but no problem with OA 2.0.3 Repair doesn't change anything nor re-saved the mission. Goz.
  21. Works in 1.5.4 with the last update. Thanks! Goz.
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