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  1. I want to express my sincere condolences to the family and colleagues of Eagle Dynamics. RIP Igor, your legacy lives on.
  2. kobac

    Hangar door

    Do we get self-opening hangar door after landing? When, for example, the plane arrives at a distance of 10m from the hangar, for new DCS v. 2.5? Or at least a manual opening/closing, using a combination of keyboard keys.
  3. Okay I'm glad you're satisfied, :thumbup: but have you tried DCS on that computer? Where are we with freezes, micro-stuttering, FPS and other known glitches that accompany this simulation ...
  4. Ha, ha, ha with you is more expensive than to buy new :lol: Then I'll have to take it to the Ryzen. :smilewink:
  5. Well ... then send me your MB and Kaby Lake :music_whistling:;)
  6. kobac


    I would prefer that the Caucasus remains as it is. Thus it seems to me unnatural with these palm trees. It would be better if the Starway teamed up with developers who create new terrain (Iwo Jima for example). Of course there is no doubt Starway has already proved he a great artist.
  7. kobac

    Colored roofs 1.1

    I sincerely hope that the Caucasus terrain, or objects and buildings, after the merger in v.2.5, will look like Normandy looks.
  8. Some people are for and some are against mechanical throttle idle and afterburner detents. The real planes have them, but so far due to bad HOTAS components was not exactly popular among the gamers.
  9. kobac

    Gazelle Pit

    I don't know how much budget do you have, but I suggest to you look some military waste (scrap yard) and look to see, if there Gazelles cabin which could be purchased. What do you think about that? P.S. For your flight experience try to ask Google Gazelle panoramic flights
  10. Give us a couple of screenshots so we can see the effect of the bombing, please.
  11. It would be good if the throttle had at least two rotaries with a button in the middle. :smartass:
  12. For me just placing this poll in this M3LLC section (displacement), means well enough and promising.
  13. OK, these pictures-screenshoots are beautiful, but I would like to see the damage model - screenshoots of devastated city after bombing. How does it look ruined city and ground? And add a bad weather, dark clouds and little rain, to see how it looks when the weather's isn't nice.
  14. +1 Unfortunately, none of you makes grip which is compatible with the Saitek X55 joystick. :(
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