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  1. Its standart zip file e.g. rename it and extract.
  2. Or question to ED. If you plan improve trigger editor, stop us before we start write new external application. At least you have a lua parser, could you publish it as an opensource library?
  3. It's nice, i had similar idea, but i wanted write completely new trigger editor. My requirements are simple. It should extract units on both sides and group them by type (group, air, sea ...) At the beginning when i create trigger on one client aircraft, i should be able clone it by one button click to all client aircrafts on the one side. It should contain also generating simple trigger pattern for random group generation. (I mean the flags should be used automatically and validated they are not used for anything else) I'm c++ developer, no VB, currently using Qt 4.6 Framework. Unfor
  4. I think you have to check also altitude, because when you taxi on runway and stop before take off another mission will be loaded. So add to the first trigger condition Unit Altitude Greater than Y.
  5. HI, today it happened twice to me on 104th server with same *.crash file output i mean problem with UserInterface.dll. I don't use any mod, my OS is WinXP SP2 32bit. And i realized it crashed when i fly quite long (at least half an hour) and enable radar by button combination on my saitex x52 (that was same on both crashes). But i was able of course enable radar earlier during fly. Until now it never crashed on our squad server or when i tested it offline. I will try to test it more and figure out some more details.
  6. Its weird. When i create a new mission without pressing New button just save a mission it looks all right for me. I can see all countries. But your 'coalitions' section is different from mine. I don't belive they create some random order. It should be same for all every time.
  7. I also experiment with the triggers in MP. I will not write a huge list because many of it was already written. Very interesting from my point of view is the usage of random triggers which activate one of X groups. Where X is 2, 4, 8, 16 etc (it depends how many flag you use). So when mission is repeated the groups appear at different location. Same mechanism i use for CAP flights in a looped route, where i don't use four same groups at different location but one group and i delay activation of it via "X" different time delay combination. Alternate waypoints would be really helpful to make
  8. It depends, how the mission is created. If you have some coutry which is not assigned in the coalition than it is possible assign it manually to the coalition by editing the mission file directly. But if you use it already, remove all units of this country from the mission. You avoid some inconsistency. The idea is simple. I would recommend first create a new mission without units, but with the coalition you would like to have. Extract '*.miz' file and open the 'mission' file which was inside. There are sections, one example is like this: coalitions = { blue = {
  9. That's fine. Btw. does anybody know capacity of each airfield, i mean number of aircrafts that can take off from? Because in FC1.12 if you put more aircrafts to the airfield they will explode on runway. Thanks.
  10. Fantastic, thanks. Without this panel the navigation was a hell. :joystick:
  11. I thanks too. Hopefully this will again increase community, interest and improve the quality. :detective: :thumbup:
  12. I can confirm inconsistencies in a played track. We had one were the Su-25T was shot down in the real-time mission by a missle, but in a track the missile doesn't hit the plane and fly little bit behind him and not cause any damage. But anyway plane falls down, but the hit is not in the log. And i can add one more when we start server and clients connect before i open a mission and run it, than in the mp_log.txt is wrong start time of the client (always 00:00:00 not a mission start time) than the fly time stats is wrong.
  13. Yeah its weird. Its only problem on x52 if you have fire button 1 setup on first position, so keep it pressed in a half way is problem. Anyway, did you hit any ground unit in this mode? I alwas miss, bombs fall down about 5-10m behind the unit.
  14. Offcourse it can, try to understand and practise http://www.simhq.com/_air/air_040a.html With AI on Average option its easy.
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