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  1. Love this series! A little sad this was the last P-47 specific video.
  2. I always just assumed I had a good crew chief that had already pre-flighted my plane and warmed the engine up for me. Also, in WWII, wasn’t the average lifespan of an aircraft something like 15-20 missions until it was lost? I can’t remember the number but it was surprisingly low. So most airplanes were fairly new!
  3. Best test would probably be gun spread... the fin should stabilize yaw and keep the guns on center. Without the fin the grouping should be spread horizontally.
  4. I’m stuck at work. :(. Show me some screenshots with rockets and fuel tanks!!!
  5. That’s one of the things that I really like about the P-47... they were very inventive back then and if it could be bolted to the P-47 they tried it out! I’ve seen some pics of P-47’s using German drop tanks as well!
  6. According to this: http://www.historyofwar.org/articles/weapons_P-47D.html P-47D-15’s through P-47D-30’s should have the M8 bazooka tubes. Once the P-47D-40 was fitted with zero length rocket stubs, they switched to the HVAR rockets and never looked back. As far as I can tell from the newsletter, ED has fitted the -40 with BOTH rocket types and the -30 with none. I’ve also heard from the discord that they plan on adding rockets to the -30. Not really sure why they didn’t just give the -30 the M8 and the -40 the HVAR?
  7. They are needed!!!! Only put 1/3 fuel in your main tank... fill up 3 of the largest drop tanks you can get.... now you can fly as fast and hard as you want.... and you have plenty of loiter time. When you find an enemy you can drop all that excess fuel and have a light plane with just enough fuel to dogfight and get home!
  8. Looks like we’ll get some rockets in the next update: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4491507&postcount=271&fbclid=IwAR31SgnZrbEk-q3Nb3TIlw04gAsAyCi8zjz1LDwzBxP_S8aqTkfz3BqZ3ZY What’s interesting... the verbiage they used makes it sound like the -30 won’t get any rockets, while the -40 will get both the bazooka tubes as well as the HVAR. Maybe it’s just the wording... but I’m really hoping the -30 comes with the bazooka tubes as well.
  9. I’d like to see the FFB stick fall full forward when sitting in the parking ramp and needing a decent amount of force to move the stick to the center. When the engine is started and that big paddle prop starts pushing air I’d like to see the stick slowly start to center itself as the throttle is increased. At least that’s what I think should happen... right?
  10. I think they have some FFB forces implemented in the P-47, but it doesn’t seem as complete as the P-51. I still can’t believe they’ve added some FFB properties BEFORE they’ve added rockets. Rockets seem soo much easier to implement than FFB (relatively speaking)
  11. The P-47 is my favorite warbird and I’m completely satisfied with its current state. I enjoy taking off and flying from point A to point B. It’s surprising how much you have to constantly adjust the throttle and boost lever while also trimming the plane. The bombs that are available also lets you bomb ground targets. It’s a jugload of fun currently, and it’s only going to get better as rockets and other bombs become available!
  12. I’m not sure. I haven’t read of anything like that. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen... BUT I have seen American planes that were shot down and repaired by the Germans. The Germans even painted them yellow and put their insignias on them. If you consider the above.... and remember that back then, most attacks involved several planes operating together.... It would probably mean that the kind of subterfuge your talking about likely didn’t happen.
  13. ALL early European theater Jugs had two on the bottom. There were no allied fighters with radial engines when the P-47 showed up. British AAA gunners had itchy trigger fingers and were quick to shoot at any radial engined fighter thinking they were FW-190’s. To prevent accidental friendly fire, allied command ordered two insignias painted on the bottoms of P-47’s.
  14. If you are rolling and jinking while they are straight in smooth, then yes, the margin of advantage would be less. What if you are rolling and jinking and they are following your rolls and jinks? Wouldn’t the margin of advantage stay (relatively) the same? What if you are rolling and jinking and they are rolling and jinking even harder as they are trying to lead their guns on you? Wouldn’t your margin of advantage increase as they were flying more aggressively?
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