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  1. OK guys its Vampyre Again

    something strange has happened, I checked out "eech" for updates, bought "eech" on Amazon on the xplosion label, loaded it in my pc, went back to "eech" to update game and could not get into "eech" website. the message I1m getting is "site not found or wrong address, try again" other people can et into the site including Demon my broadband isp. Even they had to give up. HELP!! ps I've uninstalled game but makes no difference.


  2. Hi all

    Hope nobody minds me introducing myself, found this site by accident yesterday and wow I'm impressed. New to this, once had I.D. Hind but no longer runs on XP. Helo's are my thing so cant wait untill the autumn for Black Shark. Downloaded the Demo of movies and limited flight its stunning!

    I'm in London in the U.K.




    Dell XPS 600 Dual Pentium 4. dual nvidia 7900. 250 gb sata. 2gb Ram. 19" monitor. Thrustmaster Joystick+Cyclic

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