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  1. Every effort is welcome and apparently all those details in Cyprus require a great effort and it is appreciated, for my part if I agree that I would rather see things like Qal'at Ja'bar on the Euphrates than a pool with no strategic value, the most of us we will fly north of the Euphrates to drop our loads and that is where we now need more detail, I trust that Ugra hard work will give us more details in those areas.
  2. This map will surely be incredible, thank you very much for the hard work, I imagine that Cyprus is getting a lot of attention, but I wanted to ask about a couple of important places that are still missing such as Afrin and Kobani, for now there is nothing in those places, will they be added in the new update? I hope so, as they have been very relevant during the past years. It would also be incredible some more details in the city of Raqqa to make it more similar to the real one, in general give more love from Raqqa to Kobani, @MAESTR0 it would be great if you inform us if these places wi
  3. Great job here, but really Al-Azraq is a very important base and too close to the edge of the map to be left out, my F-16 would take off almost exclusively from there if it were included.
  4. Thanks for the improvements! My system is an I5 8600K, 36G RAM and a GTX1070ti and the fps drops me from 50 flying low in the big cities like Haifa, Damascus, Aleppo, Raqqa and Adana, I know that my system has its years but the other maps handle them without problems always over 60fps in big cities, it would be great if they increased some fps in these cities, thanks.
  5. Great!! Hopefully we can see other details such as Acre, Sergiopolis or the ruins in Raqqa.
  6. thank you for the update, Will the ruins of Sergiopolis be added in the new update?
  7. For me that would be the best, that and add more detail to the northern part of the map of Raqqa upwards, which is the trip used by the planes that leave Ircirlik
  8. The night illumination of the cities will be improved to the level of the persian gulf increasing the range of vision? I hope it is implemented it would be great.
  9. heroe

    Deir Ezzor

    That would be really good but the way I see it, I do not think that all our requests are taken, according to my opinion here it was not taken much into account what the USA vs ISIS is, the northern part of the map that is mandatory transit for the planes that leave Insirlik has Very low detail as well as Raqqa capital of ISIS that I do not distinguish points of reference within it, neither is Kobane, despite that we continue asking for extension of the map in all directions and that would be complicated. On a personal level, I would prefer that the USA vs ISIS be given more attention by improv
  10. This is Urgent L-39ZA (widely used in warfare), Mi-8, SU-22, MIG-23, MIG-29 and SU-24 as well as the arrival of the S-200 and of course insurgent assets, trucks and more variety of anti-aircraft guns (for Syria too) and Turkey needs drones, M-60s and Leopard 2A4, please we need an effort here to have a complete scenario.
  11. The difference I have in performance with other maps is enormous, something needs to be solved here, the use of ram is enormous and the use of the GPU rises, in my case I start the mission without problems flying in any densely populated city and after a few minutes it begins to lose performance.
  12. heroe

    Missing towns

    True, both are very important and Kobani is in a part that needs more love. Also the area north of Raqqa seems to be more desert on Google Earth and not as green as it is now.
  13. There is only a little left to be added to the map, any possibility in the future?
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