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  1. I encountered a black screen after trying to exit the controls options. Got the black screen crash after setting up controls for multiple aircrafts and exiting options. After crashing, I created a profile for each aircraft separately. The problem is with the AV8, when I loaded it and closed the options, game crashed again to black screen. Attached is DCS.log and Profile.diff.lua. Regards, log and profile.zip
  2. I suggest smoke markers (green or X) in 3 corners wide enough around target so that you don't get any problem from the smoke itself. -- BTW, for some reason, I find all waypoints to be too close to target with regards to the delivery profiles... offsets seem off too. For example, LALD, when overflying exactly the pop-up, then climbing 25 deg, at 4500ft towards base/PUP waypoint I would end up in a position where the only good release would be at 3000ft 45dive or 3500ft 20dive. Base/PUP is also at 1.3nm instead of the 1.5nm listed in the SOP. Or am I supposed to offset first, fly a bit
  3. BTW we're still not up on the main image :) Thanks !
  4. Please use the following emblem. Our skin is already in the list. FT modern gray one.
  5. The Virtual 9th Air Force is interested to participate also. That should be some good fun !
  6. Hmm, I really think this thread should stay alive. As a squadron which flies in MP servers, often other than ones we have control over, we like to be able to look like we should, and also look all the same. Being able to set your tailnumber was also used to ID ourselves on the tarmac back in LOMAC days. With the current implementation (or more the lack of), the much liked features are not available anymore. It's not vital, but once you had it, you don't want to go back. I see many options as to how to implement it (user-end wise, since the code is a black box) - It could be by netwo
  7. Actually to correct one thing Pyroflash said... The CL does not change MUCH with velocity as long as we stay in the subsonic region. Going supersonic, it's another story and you get lots of effects such as supersonic pockets on the upper side of a wing and shock effects so the behavior of a given airfoil changes a lot. Basically, CL is a function of Shape, Mach and Angle of Attack (or Alpha). Usually Airfoil/Airplane shape is the most important thing, after it's Alpha and then it's Mach. Lift is simply the resulting force, kind of the result if you wish. In wind tunnels, a way to find th
  8. There you go. It's a table from SimHQ's article on CCIP bombing. As unreadable as it may be, that's pretty much one of the only tables of this kind (on the net) I'm aware of. Example on how to read this : second data row Mk-82Low Drag : Nose Tail fuse, 3 bombs in Ripple single spaced 190milliseconds apart, in a 15 degree dive. [if you have to, depress the ironsight 218 mils - manual aiming] You'll release at 1600ft & 325 kias. Minimum alt to avoid bombing yourself is 1350ft. Pattern is N/A... expect 3 holes. The rest is Rollout and Base information on how to fly different parts of th
  9. Hmm, make sure that's the bottle neck. FPS is not all about graphics card. And it's very hard to tell without any computer information. Be aware that you might get a bigger FPS increase if you upgrade the CPU, get more RAM or get yourself a solid state hard drive depending on where the bottle neck is. And that could be cheap compared to two brand new graphic cards.
  10. Personnally, the price tag is not what will keep me away from the WH in the long term. But at the moment I'm sticking with my X52 even if most people I know switched. I'm curious how the WH will do in the med to long term for reliability. Other consideration : WH is plug and play, X52 is all about good profiling, which you have to get or make.
  11. Good stuff, thanks for putting up the website with the gallery on it ! Ah, now if only we could choose one of these fantastic skins in multiplayer before getting on the tarmac along with a nice tail number... (Devs : wink wink)
  12. Hey mower, you might be interested to look the virtual9thaf up. We fly seriously and have been there for a while. We got guys from the US GMT-5, GMT-8 and Euro GMT+1 We are looking for pilots who want to fly as a team and focus on tactics and operations rather than "large scale weapon deployment". We will move to DCS-A-10C once it comes out final. Currently we started a partnership with the 5th EVC (GMT-5) who is already on the C for joint training. That said, I prefer to make no warrantee as to fit your hardcore needs.
  13. I think we should have the ability in multiplayer to select skin and tail number prior to takeoff. I guess this would be a good thing to have for a lot of squads out there. It just gives you back the impression that you are flying your assigned plane. I think that's pretty much self explanatory.
  14. What I miss the most is the ability in multiplayer to select skin and tail number prior to takeoff. I guess this would be a good thing to have for a lot of squads out there. I think that's pretty much self explanatory.
  15. Bug 1 : A-10A flaps in multiplayer. When a pilot extends the flaps either half or full, other pilots will not see them down on their local machine. Reproduced a few times by just going MP and extending the flaps. Original game install, no mods except tacview. Bug 2 : Unable to refuel while in a hangar, rearming works. Having to taxi out of the hangar just to shut down the engines and remove some fuel is very annoying too. Also, hangar friction is as if it was grass underneath. Occured at Kutaisi and (Novorossijk or Gelendzhik) while in A-10A not tested elsewhere.
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