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  1. i like it, i think it needs to look a bit more weathered at the front though
  2. gishuk


    awesome never thought that was a plane id see modeled for lockon :megalol: fantastic design tho, the soviets at that time knew how to make a cool aircraft
  3. i had the same problem with vista 32bit and a 8800gts card the latest nvidia drivers fixed it for me, lockons running fine in xp sp2 compatability mode, with administrator thing ticked oh and directx 10 :pilotfly:
  4. looks fantastic, i love that camo scheme
  5. i loved that game too, can see the cds on the shelf here :thumbup:
  6. i want the su27, su33, mig29a and s , su25 and su25t :smilewink: if you could zip the file and put it on here that would be fantastic
  7. i forget, what do i have to edit to remove the default low rez national markings (russian crosses ect) so that high rez ones off new skins can show? thanks
  8. that seemed to work for the warning sounds but not the betty voice
  9. ya im looking forward to this mod alot :)
  10. apparently they are su30MK2 spec http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Su-30MKK so not quite as capable as the indian ones but the same as chinas
  11. i think that says AMV as well, but im afraid i dont know anything about its insignia :(
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