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  1. Would be epic for the immersion if he talked English with a Russian accent, and started swearing in Russian when things go wrong (or when guiding a missile or something else that requires too much attention from him to speak a non-native language).
  2. I know what the collective is, but it's not what I'm talking about. The twist grip on the collective is what I'm talking about, are you supposed to change its setting during flight at all?
  3. I'm sure this is explained somewhere, but for the life of me I can't seem to find it. There is a corrector (I think that's the official name, but also referred to as a throttle) that controls the rotor RPM. Other than making the most epic sound when spooling up during the start-up procedure do you ever use it? Do you ever use it during flight, and if so, how and why? I always put it at maximum RPM during startup, which should engage the auto-corrector, and then never touch it again.
  4. Before or after lunch?
  5. Again, if servers implemented limited resources and consequences for crashing, I completely understand the need for a human petrovich. Maybe it can also help to have the option to request a human petrovich, in which case you can takeoff and transit with the AI, and when things get interesting ask for a human in the front seat. For the humans in question it's then also more of an active role.
  6. Just my two cents: It's not just the precision of the collective, it's also the extremely short interval between the shaking and full-blown VRS, and the delay in lift response when pulling the collective. It's very possible to get into VRS before the (non radar) VSI shows a dangerously high vertical speed due to it's delay. It's also possible to enter VRS before the radar VSI becomes active due to the nose-up attitude when braking too fast. In other words, it's possible to enter VRS without any of the instruments warning you for it with enough time to respond
  7. I understand the spotting/situational awareness part. But I assume the weapons officer can only be played by players who own the module. In that case, the vast majority of servers will allow them to spawn in their own chopper. So assuming we have two players, willing to play and communicate together: What is the advantage (or added value) of them playing as a pilot and gunner in one hind, versus playing as two pilots in two hinds?
  8. Mi8 has an option to include the "rudder" with the trim-button; so if you torque 5 degrees to the right and press the trim button and then release the stick, the chopper will keep the rudder at 5 degrees to the right. I used this for a while, and I was able to fly the mi8, but not very smoothly, and it requires trimming a lot. With rudder pedals, you can omit the rudder from the trim button, so that trimming only applies to pitch and roll. What I found to be the biggest improvement for flying helos, is to get a very decent stick. Sticks with a spring and pressure plate s
  9. But is it going to be fun to play human Petrovich? Or will it be a very long scenic ride, one or two ATGM launches and a very long scenic ride back? Ofcourse there is the spotting, but you can do that from the pilot seat of your own Hind as well.
  10. I suppose most games do this by visually labelling stuff: displaying a big green box around Petrovich's selected target, and a button or two to cycle petrovich's targets. But I also suppose that is not what simmers want, as it puts a graphic element in the world that a real pilot would not see.
  11. The biggest problem for me as a player is the tendency to go into VRS, which feels a lot like not having enough power. The huey doesn't have this tendency. I think it's so obvious in the mi8 because it has to land with cargo. It won't be as much of a problem with attack helos, because you will very rarely have to land with all the weight you took off with.
  12. I guess it depends on how much cargo you take along. It's prone to VRS, perhaps that's what he means? As for the AI; First off, AI is a big word for an object that runs a few if-statements; but in the end it doesn't really matter how the AI comes to a certain action, so long as it's believable from the player perspective. The AI being omniscient (which in this case means, it can use all available data for it's if-statements) isn't a problem, so long as it still acts believable. An example of an if statement would be "if you have line of sight: shoot"
  13. I noticed that the bradley only starts turning its turret if it is able to fire, but this is probably part of the "fire at the chopper" trigger. The thing that worries me is that the Hind will be similar in size to the Mi8, and that with this AI, it's nearly impossible to get close enough to an enemy vehicle without at some point allowing the LOS rule to trigger. This will mean that the AI is already aiming (or even shooting) at you before you are able to properly see them, let alone aim for them; unless you use labels that allow you to see through trees.
  14. I tried some manual flying, to keep trees in-between me and the bradley. Something really dodgy is happening: This is what he sees: And this is what I see: No way this shot didn't pass through a tree.... I think it somehow got my location and heading when I hopped over the line of trees behind me, and then opened fire while I was dropping back to ground level or something?
  15. Flying low does work, indeed, but only until you pass a slightly lower tree. The two trees with the black arrows block line of sight, but the small tree in between doesn't.
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