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  1. ED confirmed when I asked in Facebook: The new clouds are planned for 2.7 in Q1. NOT- in the update coming for next week.
  2. It is not spitfire related, but it seems to be WW2 damage model related and has been reported en masse. No solution yet.
  3. Nice! Looking very much forward to this one!
  4. I might be worth mentioning that I fly jets extensively (F-14 and F/A-18) and I NEVER (100%) - see this glitch in jet missions and I ALWAYS (100%) see this glitch in WW2 missions and it happens even in solo missions and gets WORSE the more combat/action there is in the mission.
  5. I can, but why? You have the mission yourself and can easily reproduce it it. Try telling your wingman to engage bandits in the "furball" missions and see what happens.
  6. No. It works with all seasons. Sounds like you might have stepped wrong somewhere in the installation.
  7. What up Barthek: You still thinking about doing spring and autumn for this one? Just asking since 1; would love to have the 'whole set'. 2: You usually kick out season variants together with your main releases.
  8. I have not tested them all, but I have tested all Spitfire and several of the P-47 'furball' missions. In all I have seen, the AI does not respond to calls to attack enemies. I have seen this building missions myself: Sometime an extra waypoint is needed to "wake up" the AI before he starts doing what you tell him. As it is now, the wingmen in these missions are just trailing your tail as eye candy/cannon fodder.
  9. The current performance for me in the map is very solid after the recent tuning. Getting 60+ in FPS and few/no stutters. 32gb RAM, 1080ti, 3.5 ghz CPU
  10. I would help, but since I did not buy them on Steam I am unable to write a review sadly.
  11. Runs smooth as butter for me now. Looks and performs very nice and will be even better with the coming Cyprus addon:)
  12. Yes, I am up to date. The sim runs super smooth and performance overall (for me) is great, but there are very noticable hiccups and stutter when flying WW2 dogfights and aircraft are getting shot. Seems slightly less than before, but still significant. One problem I had last patch was that flak turned the game into a slideshow is thankfully solved. Yet the flashes make the game almost unplayable. Example: Choose the Spitfire and do a quickstart "furball" mission against FW-190's. After a few minutes it turns into a stuttery epileptic nightmare.
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