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  1. I know that there is a dedicated recruitment thread on the forum, but given that it can be easily missed and buried in threads I put one up here. If admin disagrees feel free to take it down. CVW-66 is a euro-timezone based virtual wing and we are looking for F-14B crews (Both pilots and RIOs). Check out our thread if you want to fly your Tomcat in a dedicated group with mature, friendly and helpful members with lots of training and large scale PVE ops.
  2. Recruitment OPEN for F-14s! CLOSED for Hornet for the time being to train our latest recruits.
  3. F-14 recruitment is open! We are currently looking for long term committed F-14 crews, pilots and RIO's to join our ranks! Make sure to read the first post of this thread and shoot me a PM if you are interested!
  4. Officially no (Will be in 2.7). But you can try the fix mentioned in my post above yours.
  5. Not sure I even believe this yet; I read on some other thread I guy said "Turn civilian traffic off". I did, and just did 3 furball missions of the Channel map in the spit.. No flashes. Don't take my word for it though- check and confirm.
  6. Caucasus actually have decent night-lighting after the half-done light upgrade that was done some time ago, but terrible texture work (solved to a degree by quality mods). The NTTR however, does not- with Vegas being invisible until you are practically on top of it.
  7. Crowebar: Yes, we are- though it is nearing it's end. Then it is time to start preparing for the next one. Pijama: Send me a PM with your credentials as stated in the recruiment post if you are interested in joining.
  8. That would be my understanding as well. Roll down menu with different presets in the ME.
  9. Can't wait to revisit this one with expanded map and new clouds. The Big Show was the first true aviation book I ever read as a kid, and I was riveted. I have read it countless times and to be able to see it play out on DCS is just phenomenal. Can't wait!
  10. Did not read everything, BUT- I did also have issues with not getting damage witht he Rockeyes, until I set fuse to 'nose' (Not nose/tail) IIRC. After doing that, I was able to score at least some hits with resulting destroyed vehicles
  11. More Channe action for the Big Show? I can appreciate that. Especially with Biggin Hill on its way.
  12. REDEYE_CVW-66

    DCS 2.7

    It is impossible to gauge update size. Even "minor" updates sometimes vary dramatically in size, often ranging in many, many Gigs if you own a few modules. It is however fair to assume that it will be significant, given the new art assets of the clouds being implemented. Note; assume.
  13. It has been commented a few times yes. 1: The are "optimized and do not... require a "monster pc" (Kate) 2: The DCS requirements will NOT change, save for the fact that Win 7 will not be supported (Big Newy) It is worth noting that modern games very often have volumetric clouds and still good performance. In DCS competitor in the civial aviation (no names named), the clouds are not the biggest performance hitters (textures, polygons etc are much worse).
  14. They are hoping for "end of march" now. Don't hold your breath fellas. It will be awesome when it comes, but we are in for many, many weeks of waiting still.
  15. Bug still there. 17th feb 21. Might not help- but it seems to be getting worse looking in the direction of the sun. Of the missions that set it off the worst for me, is the Spitfire quickstart mission "Furball FW 190 A". At the end of flying it a couple of times an epileptic nightmare and totally unplayable. No mods btw.
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