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  1. I think that F-16 can carry Durandals, but not in DCS for the moment. F-15E and F-111 uses it.
  2. Hi guys, THIS should be in default A-10C module on next update! Daza7's extended length LAU-131 A/A (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  3. I fly another sim that simulates the glass in VR by playning a "bump" sound when my head strikes the the canopy. It makes me moving my head backwards as a reflex. You can also make it as a n option, so for those who don't suffer of motion sickness it could be possible to enable it.
  4. A-10C has 3 radios we can only manage 2 in your software. I understand how it works, but would love to be able to change the background picture.
  5. Nice job, can we have a version for A-10C? And could it be possible to change the oher squadron logos, and kneeboard background?
  6. you mean all textures should be in BC5?
  7. Seems solved but not a word on changelog!
  8. on some skins the Pave Penny position is painted so it will fit perfectly.
  9. Known bug but seems ED does not care! Whe have no news since months.
  10. The A-10C skins are compatible with A-10C II only the pilot skins are not compatible. Just copy your favorite A-10C liveries to the A10C_2 folder
  11. The A-10C has a L16/TALD link but in DCS the link is effective with AI but only with some pliots in MP.
  12. I agree with you but depending on graphical setup at 30nm we can see the target and at 25 buildings start to grow around the target. For me, it's a game breaker. I prefer see buildings that can hide my target instead.
  13. icemaker

    A-10 nose glitch

    It happens when you are just at the lod limit. If you move just a bit it changes the lod. I think the lod limit is a bit too short
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