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  1. Ok, the difference is, before the patch, objects (more importantly planes) used to be drawn at 2500m distance from you, now they are drawn at 8500m if you put Objects visibility at 100. With almost no performance hit. If you want the old drawing distance you put it to 50.
  2. No, they are just AI, I was so deeply immersed in that encounter that I wanted to know his skill level, more fun to know if he was a high ranking officer :) Just some roleplaying, I like when a campaign can have that effect :) It can also be extremely frustrating though, there are lots of bugs, for example I never got to find out who that DR1 pilot was because of one of the bugs, and I have as many "rof.exe has stopped working" CTDs as I have kills. Frustrating to say the least hehe I disagree, I think the new object rendering distance is a big deal, it was done wrong before IMO. Its an important change and it should have been this way from the start.
  3. I think he was on the trainingmission that ends with fighting against two albatroses, not fokkers. Yes, perhaps if its too frustrating, you could just fly the Albatros instead in the demo, and when you get other planes, stick to planes like the albatroses, sopwith pup and camel. The sopwith camel BTW is AWESOME, my favourite plane, and I totally get its good reputation now. I think in something like ROF you have to have it, perhaps not if you are just going to turn the tightest you can with all enemies, but if you are going to use advanced vertical energy tactics you need to know where the enemy is all the time. Wow this is unbelievable. Totally crazy. But again, maybe they fly the camel or dr1 and only turn and flip as tight as they can, maybe they dont need it for just using tight turns, but for the other tactics it should be a must to have full visual SA behind your 3 and 9 line. But I suppose its unlikely to be at the top five with only turning tight as your only tactics, so that means they still have to see behind 3,9 and in that case I dont get how they do it without trackir.
  4. I just listen to the reply when I ask the tower for permission to start the engines, they reply with your numbers first. But im being told in the other thread that it doesnt matter as long as you dont change anything:
  5. First learn the advantages and weaknesses of the plane you are flying, I havent flown the SPAD much yet, but I think its strengths are speed and climbing. Use that when fighting something like the albatros. Learn to recognise your opponent by their shape and learn their weaknesses. All of them, yes it sounds like too much, but it wont take much time. But for that mission start with the albatros, it turns well, even when slow, wont stall easily, not very fast, and doesnt climb well. Sounds like you dont have trackir? Thats gonna be a problem then. Or maybe you need to adjust your trackir profile, make it faster? I am not an expert on the SPAD, but I think you are doing it wrong, you shouldnt be trying to turn with it like that, atleast not until you have put some bullets in its wings first. Or you have an obvious tactical advantage. Use your speed and energy instead. Thats where your plane is better. Fly past him, put some distance between you, flip over, come back and shoot down on him, at the merge loop straight up and over, use other energy tactics, yo-yos, lure him into climbs and when he stalls, turn in and fly across and take the shot while you pass. etc etc etc. Basically learn how to fight with energy not tight turns if you are flying a plane like the SPAD. And if he gets on your six, dont try to shake him away by trying to outturn him, just dodge his bullets for a few seconds until you have gained enough speed and fly away from him, he wont be able to catch up, and then go back in. But I dont fly the SPAD, and im no expert on energy fighting, but thats how I fly the SE5 and I think they should be using similar tactics. Of course once you have an advantage, like if you are already on his six, or he is crippled, you can try to turn with him. Good Luck :)
  6. A little ROF 1.019 career story: I just reached the point in the career where for the first time I meet a DR1, very high at 8000 feet, it was alone and so was I. I was flying the SE5 and my flight had gone off chasing a DFW. So Im scared just by the freakish sight of it, since Im used to other opponents, I hadnt seen anything like that before, as a triplane it has a mean look, and flies like nothing I have seen before, twisting and turning in the air like a demon. I can imagine now how the pilots felt when they saw that thing for the first time. Since I have no previous experience fighting them, I try the same tactics as I have been using against the Albatroses in the SE5, using my speed and energy instead of playing in their own homefield, and it worked, I get my first ever DR1 kill! Very proud of this achevement I fly home, land, turn off the engine and hit finish, eager to see what rank the pilot was, his name, what unit he belonged to, but when the result screen comes up I GET NO CREDIT FOR THE KILL! It was because of a bug, no results were registered, but this gave me a look into how they felt back then, knowing they had that kill, but cant prove it, really reminded me of the movie The Blue Max. End of this story, but many more to make in this fantastic product.
  7. Anyone else getting CTDs with 1.019?? I didnt have a single CTD before this patch, now already I have had seven CTDs. This is not only in Career, also in quick missions etc.
  8. Patch 1.019 is out, with the new career mode, new objects visibility range option and if you want, Breguet and field mods for purchase.
  9. Its still acting a bit weird for me, on the second mission you are lead of group 7, so the IDs should be set to 01 and 07 if my previous logic was correct, but this time its was preset to 01 and 01, and changing it to 01 and 07 meant I got no data. Checked out from JTAC, changed back to the preset 01 01 and called JTAC again and this time it worked. Maybe the rule is to just not touch it at all because the presets always work even if they dont match your group? But I would prefer if the presets would match the group.
  10. It depends on the mission. In some missions, like the first one, 01 and 01 is wrong. You are 01 of group 02 so in mission one it should be 01 and 02.
  11. Did you change it? Dont change it. You are number 1 in group 2, so it should be 1 and 2 like its set up from the beginning. If you changed it to 1:1 like I did at first then thats why. Otherwise I dont know.
  12. Yes, and both threads should be on top for everyone to see. A suggestion to ED, why not just put these ingame as an option like "ultra high" distance. The performance hit really isnt that bad. Worth a try, definately going to keep these tweaks (at kukys #10 post) for now.
  13. Thanks, I just tried it, using nvidia inspector instead, I couldnt remove grass shimmering completely, but defintaly lower it to an acceptable low level with sparse grid supersampling, but this gave too much of an fps hit, so ill lower it to only 2x sparse grid AA, or turn it off completely. But its nice to see what it could look like with another generation of graphics card updates. With these changes, what do you put in clutterdistance field now? Or it doesnt matter anymore right? Ingame options sets that for us with your new changes? Yeah I was just thinking the same thing when trying to AA away the grass shimmering.
  14. Thanks Kuky! I took it a few steps further than you did and have very dense grass now. But still at short ranges only, since it still looks bad from anything but really low, because of the shimmering. If only something could be done about the shimmering of the grass. This good thread shouldnt be back here at page 2, ill send it back to the top :) (for now :) )
  15. A guess, soft is more blurry, hard is more sharp? Can testers confirm or give some clues to what they mean?
  16. Sticky

    ArmA III

    And probably a year too soon (OMG TEH BUGZ!1)
  17. With DCS:Black Shark, DCS:A10C, Rise of Flight and Cliffs of Dover on my harddrive it was tempting to vote "Im already pleased..". I couldnt imagine this just a few years ago, I was sure our hobby wouldnt recover. But there is still one thing missing: A FIGHTER JET. So I voted DCS F18C :D
  18. They are giving it back to the US http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/sen-john-kerry-pakistan-return-secret-helicopter-wrecked/story?id=13613273
  19. Actually Duke Nukem will be released in June. This is not a joke. Or is it?
  20. Some news, I suppose most close followers already know, but the field mods for SPAD13 and Albatros DVa will be free with the next patch, that means Aldis and Le-Chretien sights for the SPAD and collimator sights for the DVa and some other stuff. But you will need to still buy them again if you want them for other planes.
  21. I always thought the main rotor would give such a big signature on radar that making the rest more stealthy wouldnt make a difference.
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