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  1. If you right click on your desktop and go to the nvidia control panel, what mode are you running your GPU's in? SLI? Surround? Multi montior mode?
  2. I did uncheck the box. The only workaround that I have found is to disable SLI and enable surround. FPS isnt' that great though.
  3. I can run DCS fine with one monitor and two SLI GTX980's. The problems begin when i change my resolution to 3840X1080 with the intent of having the camera+LMFCD on the right. The sim starts and then crashes. Any ideas?
  4. Same question guys, have they fixed most of the issues with firmware? If you own this hardware, would you suggest buying it to others/?
  5. Hi Peter, I have been struggling with this for a few days now. I have both monitors attached to my GTX570. Win764 and this is for black shark 2, and I am using the 64bit SoftTH dll in the black shark2/bin directory. I have tried the suggestions above. My setup however has a few minor differences: 1. I have one monitor1920x1080 which I would like to be my main camera(it is also my primary desktop in Windows and is detected as monitor 1) 2. My second monitor max resolution is 1280X1024 and it is positioned to the left of my main monitor(it is my secondary monitor and is detected
  6. Hi all, Been out for a while. I have a 27 inch monitor at 1920X1080 and I have a 19 inch dell that will do 1280X1024. I would like to have the main camera on the larger monitor with the nav or gun camera on the smaller monitor. What is the easiest setup? Softth or the other method using LUA files?
  7. Guys, It has been a while since I checked back on BS, but do they have the multi monitor feature working in multiplayer(reliably) yet?
  8. My 260OC doesn't even like water on high and it drops my framerates by 50%. Good advice there, make sure to drop that water detail.
  9. We have a pretty laid back community with no time requirements or procedures. Feel free to fly with us, we are online almost every evening.
  10. This is only true on certain motherboards. This does not seem to be true on ASUS boards. I have tried this with mine and there is 0 performance degredation when using hyperthreading on an i7 processor.
  11. Sundog, Which service are you using? Any tips on the proxyuser.ini file?
  12. Here you go, here is another tileproxy screenshot with some gauges on the second monitor.
  13. I have done the same thing on my system and noticed 0 performance increase on my system when disabling hyperthreading. I wonder if it is something specific to your mobo? As for Windows 7, I have read that Microsoft will be offering an upgrade program for curent Windows Vista users. I hope that the upgrade is fairly cheap since Microsoft has admitted that they would prefer to EOL vista after thw Win7 release.
  14. Disable UAC, disable AERO and make sure to install as an administrator. I myself prefer to install programs outside the X86 folder. I have re-installed black shark a few times myself and never run into this issue.
  15. I am running the latest drivers on my 260 192 and I have noticed that the framerates in Black Shark tend to fluctuate more than usual. Earlier driver releases seemed like they provided a more consistent and stable frame rate.
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