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  1. somebody take silly mods too seriously! :smilewink:
  2. just a question to ed can it be possible to release the prebuild even just with one mission only so that lomac fan`s can practice flying/studying this complex sim before it gets released as a complete new sim. i don't think this will be detrimental to the later release in Fact it can only help those not interested to become interested. and seeing as a lot of future customers are present lomac fans it will keep us slightly more happy. and seeing as we all thought BS was going to be an addon to the present lomac series , i think you should offer this as a stop gap complimentary gift for our
  3. i noticed a few people throwing in the towel and moaning tha no support for lomac means the end! what a load of shizz there is nothing to stop you playing this sim after the support has gone. we played it with its bugs an niggles before why not now? also few people saying no new jet sims on the horizon. yet again another load of shizz check out http://www.thunder-works.com this looks the balls will probably get this but i will be still flying lomac as i love the flanker and have played flanker in ED form since 1995.
  4. puala or whatever your silly name is stop being an insulting Tard ! of course i read the forum have done so for 2 years now. you have the cheek to say all that well is not just ME that have problems and concerns with bugs is it ? thank you now get in the corner now with your Dunce hat on :lol:
  5. wow shoot me down lol. all i ask is have the bugs addressed please it feels like they have forgotten the humble simmer.alot of issues could of been solved but instead they drag em out for years develop a new a/c and use that to solve the issues and make money from it. making money is fine i dont have a prob with that the length of time it takes i do.
  6. so is this why the delay in blackshark? they are spending time and resources in creating this instead of correcting the bugs in lomac!
  7. i think some you guys are missing the point in a network game the computer doesn't compute the flight model for the other players There computer does compute it for there own A/C I.e player 1 flys with player 2 player 1 = FC FLYING SU25=player 1 aircraft performs with AFM thus AFM displayed aircraft on player 2 screen. player 2 = BS FLYING either fighters/a10 but probably (why else would he buy BS alone) a KA 50/52 BLackshark = player 2 aircraft performs with AFM KA50/52 thus AFM Displayed KA50/52 on player 1s screen. AFM su25/t would only affect AI aircraft in single player mode. it doese
  8. yes currently fly FC with 1280x1024 @ 32bit fps in 30s but fps drops to single figures if it is an intense all action scene. have drop to 16bit to get it back into double figures. general like my current performance
  9. i noticed this for the specs for BlackShark: System requirements: Minimum: Pentium III 800 MHz or AMD equivalent; RAM 256 MB; 16x CD/DVD ROM drive; 2.5 GB free HDD space; video card with 64 MB RAM and full DX 8.1 support; keyboard; mouse; Windows 2000/XP. Recommended: Pentium IV 2 GHz or AMD equivalent; RAM 1 GB; 16x CD/DVD ROM drive; 2.5 GB of free HDD space; video card with 256 MB RAM and full DX 8.1 support; keyboard; mouse; 4+ axis joystick; Windows 2000/XP operational system. now i have been using pcs for gameing for years and what that means is that with very basic
  10. fair doos each to there own. i do however understand some of the methods i hate using the keyboard so i use a hotas system (x52) and voice activated commands i am looking at a touch buddy system for future . but what i like to see developed for TB is accurate simulations of the side panel fuctions that be a cool fuction then i would not need the keyboard
  11. I think your pits there are good.but it is not the realistic replica of the said aircraft is it! I mean It does not FEEL YOUR flying the real thing more like flying a piece of lego(yes i have tried one of thease pits out i was impressed but i was not getting the feeling) i am sorry but i think your realism could be acheived by using Track IR and stereo vision goggles i Dont have goggles but do have TIR and i get the feeling i am flying my flanker,mig Etc just by that alone just check out pit pictures for a flanker guess what that look like? so if it looks like the aircraft you are
  12. I am wondering if a ARH Missile is tracking a target in HOJ mode the target suddenly switches off ECM, would the missile disengage tracking and Reengage when ECM is back On? i normally fly su27/33 and fly with ECM on when Threat has me locked up but is this then opening me to the enemy to a perfect missile kill? so many Question go through my mind when i am about to be falling dust for the 5 hundreth time! what is your ECM strategy?
  13. how much cash this project cost? he should of purchased LOMAC take a flight in a flanker hit F3 he would had the same effect with less cost.:)
  14. thanks thanks all good useful info there . cheers grizzly both the sites now bookmark here i come red hammers! cheers again:smilewink:
  15. I have got right back into the flight sim world after a break of a few years . i purchased my copy of lomac from a computer fair for 5 quid(gbp) . and wasnt expecting much more than an arcaded version of flanker 2 (which i have too). and wow was i wrong this sim is a SIM and not an arcade takedown from flanker! i am so impressed with this i imeadiatly bought a new throttle and stick x52 as old one was not supported anymore(x36) i have now just purchased a track ir 4 it is brilliant!!!!! also just heard of another device that will make it more intuative to play called a touch buddy (a
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