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  1. Jester *should* be able to still use radar within 20 miles. It's a shortcoming that we have to switch to a 20 mile PAL lock. What is the default elevation range on PAL btw ?
  2. To be clear, I'm not talking about LANTIRN, I'm talking about needing to constantly use a wheel to tell Jester how to scan. Honestly if he did his job properly in the first place, i wouldn't need to spin the wheel all around just to get him to understand, ie. we have a low datalink contact ahead, target it - vs. 'unable' etc.. that BS far outweighs this 'spin the wheel around' approach. If it means I can press a button to low radar range so be it. Reality is, I shouldn't be commanding a RIO to do his job in the first place. So the 'realism' folks are keeping a blind eye on th
  3. I see, you enjoy spinning around a fake jester wheel and are critical of those that don't see much of a difference of pressing 3 buttons to bring up a menu, slider it around (and in VR its a PITA), vs. just being able to select a single button . We have quite a few dreamers around here - guess I'm just a practical person
  4. I have to agree with this statement. What is difference of using an annoying wheel ui approach to press a button to tell him, vs. binding a button to same command to avoid the clunky interface (I mean, for what it does the interface was a nice attempt, but has serious shortcomings). Speech is much faster than the wheel. So again having button controls SHOULD be an option over the incompetent Jester As fancy as that all sounds, the reality is - you can sit there an spin a fake wheel implementation over and over again, which tries to replace speech - which is not realistic whatsoev
  5. So when I fire at a TWS target, and it's solid white, with a flashing countdown - when it's flashing it's active ? I've seen it with like a 54 second countdown, surely it's not active yet. Some clarity here would be nice - thanks!
  6. maybe someday Jester will qualify to be an actual RIO..... I'll be honest, when I first thought of Jester, I was worried he would be 'too good' - that has never been a problem with this F14 though is there a reason all of his callouts are so dated - he will call out something at 3 o'clock that happened 20 seconds in the past, he might as well not say anything at all!
  7. I confirmed last night at 52/54% I was getting 90fps (F-16 quick mission caucas fighter mission). I switched to 100% and it dropped to 80fps. I would rather though lose frames than have 'shimmering' and DCS has too much shimmering - even BN attests to that shimmering. Regardless of settings, if I look at the 3 or 9 oclock and roll the aircraft it's not smooth. I don't know if that is a DCS issue or a G2 issue Note: agree with above post, use what works for you - I don't notice any barrel effect, but I do believe what is being said.
  8. I've been having this same issue since the hotfix. I do not get this on other maps hosted by our server. Again, ONLY happens on Syria map.
  9. decided it's not worry complaining.... carry on....
  10. Wish aspect angle (as shown in radar) was in the HUD as well - guess it wasn't irl ?
  11. it's basically broken. Hoping it gets fixed soon.
  12. any chance this can be rolled into your mod (it needs updated to latest version though...) https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/dcs-world-topics/mods-and-apps/dcs-mods/284187-2-5-6-xxxxx-adjusted-shaders?t=281666
  13. hmm. but that wasn't what you told your customers on release of the F-14. I don't know why your acting like it's free, when I bought this module at release, this is what I was told my $ was buying. Why you talking down to your customers ? If it's about the gloves, then just say 'it didn't have gloves' - but don't treat us like we owe you something for your marketing decisions.
  14. I had to fill out a support ticket today - similar issue except when I pull back on the stick the buttons don't work.
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