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  1. Have downloaded gui. no problems. executed repair no problems (some files needed deleting) unfortunately i still have my problem. never mind it's not such a serious prob, but t65hnaks for advice. (though after repair DCS did seem to load noticeably quicker. yea.
  2. thanks weegie. I'll give it a try and report back. (maybe sometime)
  3. I pretty convinced something is corrupted. what, i don't know. didn't know there was such a thing as a repair. How do i run it, please. Jockland eh, how's your lockdown. p.s. I'm welsh, so you can dis the sassenachs as much as you want (oops unless you're one of course. )
  4. BTW I'm using trackir 5 I tried pausing trackir. not successful, toggle key did not work. started DCS without even running trackir. Still no success. thanks for suggestion anwy The only mod i have is the A-4E.
  5. Thanks for the offer Weegie. I guess i have not explained my problem correctly 1. I can set up my own personalised 'snap views' without any trouble. and they are kept by DCS. 2. when i press the key for (as an example on A-10C II left-win-num3 ) my personalised CDU view the view appears correctly, but only as long as i hold down the left-win-num3 key. As soon as I release this key it returns to the previous view, whatever that was. so far this is correct behaviour. However according to several youtube tutorials its is possible to change this b
  6. Thanks for the post Rudel. I'm not able to program my hotas in that fashion. However i'm trying to set it up via voice attack as per sunstag gamer's video:- But the toggle cockpit view seems to not action anything. I've tried with trackir not started.
  7. Exactly what I've done. However the snapview remains 'transient'. For some reason which I cannot fathom, the toggle key seems to have no effect. My problem still exists. Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  8. I'm trying to set up snap views to be continuous when i press the snap key. I've set up my own views ok, and they appear when i press the key, but I can't make them hold. I understand that the key to press should be 'cockpit view toggle'. I press this key, but afterwards the snap view remains transient (i.e. returns to trackir after releasing the snap view key) I've watched several tutorials which seem to make it work, but i cannot get a success. I'm sure its my fault but I can't see waht i've missed. help please.
  9. on the a/a refuelling pod what is the purpose of the propellor/turbine on the front of the pod? please :)
  10. Carpet bombing with B-52s. Is there a way to set this up? other than runway bombing. please:)
  11. Thanks alpenwolf. problem solved :)
  12. I have installed SRS. Now whenever i start DCS i get a little box saying 'DCS simpleradio standalone... no radio connected...' etc. how can i remove this box when playing single player? please. :)
  13. thanks for the help. not sure i will try to amend the default file. sounds a bit above my paygrade. ps i wanted the button press after watching grim reapers vid on dead reckoning. I tried it in a a-10c ii but didn't want to take my hands off hotas at turning points. I assume that it is recognised as a bug, albeit low priority. thanks again. :)
  14. I am unable to use a keyboard key to operate the stopwatch start/stop/reset function. it works using the cockpit push button via mouse button, but any key (or combo) bound to it does not work. is this a problem? or am i doing owt wrong please. :)
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