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  1. DCS TEST PILOTS WANTED! ANON6.COM is looking for DCS test pilots to help us play test new community missions in a Red Flag style format for co-op and head to head coalition play. An event typically lasts for 1 and 1/2 hours. Each mission is designed for action testing a pilots tactical A2A and A2G skills, with a focus on ACM training. No SAM sites just anti aircraft guns at strategic locations. REQUIREMENTS: - Nevada & Syria Map - Can fly one of the following aircraft: F/A18-C, F-16C, F-14B, M2000-C, SU-27, MIG-29S, KA-50, SA342M, SA342L, SA342 MIS
  2. Anon6 DCS Community I can't speak for the entire ANON6 DCS community but most members are thrilled with the idea of DCS taking on the WW2 flight sim market. We can only hope reaching a potentially larger market will benefit the entire DCS community with more fans of the DCS Series in general. However if out of this project some long standing roadblocks to community growth ie support for a greater number of players online with dedicated servers is not in the project plan I wonder how many fans will be converted from current WW2 flight sims in the market or soon to be in the market.
  3. Anon6 DCS Community The Anon6 DCS Community looks forward to another session of Dog Fight Friday hosted by DCS Israel. We are starting to get a regular turn out for this event so come join the fun and test your dog fighting skills to the limit. We are constantly looking for ways to make this event more enjoyable and exciting for all pilots. :thumbup: Visit www.Anon6.com for more details and register on our site. Feel free to use your squad tags when you register.
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