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  1. Great movie. Can I just ask how you managed to achieve such smooth camera panning?
  2. Ditto. So if the SU-25T may not flyable in black shark without Flaming Cliffs how about all the other upgrades which FC brought to Lock On?
  3. As always another top notch movie from a top notch movie maker :thumbup:. I'm afraid I have to disagree with Little_Donkey. The fast paced action is what I like to see. I do agree I'd like to see a movie with a proper storyline though, however I've never seen one that works really well. I think it may be best if you stick to the fast paced stuff ;). I'd also like to ask a few questions about your movies. 1. How many of the jets in your vids are AI controlled? Do you and a friend dogfight or is it you and the AI? 2. Also, I know you use a lot of effects in your movies which really enha
  4. This has given me a little idea. Say I had a 3D SCUD-Launcher model, would it be possible to replace one of the existing vehicles model's with the model of the SCUD? It doesn't have to fire or anything but it would be good if it could move. Any ideas on where all the models for the vehicles are stored? For example I can find: // Smerch model { name = "Smerch"; lod = {"Smerch", 1000000}; collision = "V_lom"; } Yet I can't find the Smerch model anywhere?
  5. Sorry to bump an old thread but I didn't see the point in starting a completely new one as there are already so many of these. OK, I have the full version of Cam2Pan 2.0.9, Newview 36 and Lock On 1.02 (soon to be Lock On 1.12a, once my disk arrives). I tried Cam2Pan in 1.01 using the cockpit mouse and I found it much easier than using my hat switch. The problem came when I installed 1.02 and cockpit mouse option disappeared. I tried editing the cockpit.lua to read CockpitMouse = true but as soon as I changed anything on my joystick I immediately lost internal and external views using my mou
  6. What you mean? You must not have been looking hard enough... :p
  7. Well I use Premiere Pro because I could never quite get my head around Vegas. Don't understand all these people saying it's easier to use... Here's a guide for .wmv compression. It's for Premiere Pro of course but does cover things such as bitrates, screen sizes, FPS etc.
  8. Whoah, looking as good as ever GA. Can't wait to download this one. Any ideas on the length of this one yet? If there is one criticism about your movies it is that they always leave me disappointed the thing didn't carry on for another hour lol.
  9. Thanks for the comments shamandgg and GhostRider. Like I mentioned earlier I have a low-end system (and I mean really low end lol) so I usually play Lock On with just the bare minimum settings. In certain scenes I forgot to turn the settings back up hence the basic haze. My system was also a problem for anti-aliasing and in the end I decided to give it a miss. I will probably try to make scenes full quality in future videos. The reason the footage is dark is because I tweaked the Brightness and Contrast a bit while editing. I guess I simply over-tweaked it lol. Plus I didn't like the idea o
  10. Nice Movie, I always like more story-based videos rather than full action. Your had a bit of both. I liked the tank charge scene. I still don't understand why everyone uses Vegas though. Give me Premiere Pro anyday lol.
  11. Thanks for the comments everyone. It's definately encouraged me to make some more some time in the future. I only noticed the "pull up" when the video was completed and I thought well "Hmmm, maybe nobody will notice". I guess not lol. In fact that was probably the only scene where I flew the thing myself. I guess you could say I don't do my own stunts lol. Is it natural to like making movies more than actually flying lol? Looking back I also agree with the comments about there being too much of nothing. That will be something I will try to correct if I make any more. I found sound eff
  12. Hey everyone, I've been around here for a while and finally thought I'd register to share my video. Like many others my inspiration came from watching movies created by other members here such as Glowing Amraam so thanks for that ;) lol. I must also apologise to GhostRider for using the same music as in his Movie "War". This wasn't intentional and I only realised when I was nearly finished. Also, it doesn't really have a title simply because I could not think of one that I liked lol. Maybe someone here can come up with a suggestion for one? Comments/suggestions/improvements on the vid
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