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  1. Unfortunately I dont have a my PC.. the motherboard failed so I'm halfway upgrading. It was working before a patch.
  2. They can use the 70s version and the Kuz fine. I'm not sure if it's a Razbam issue or an ED issue.
  3. The last time I checked (May) the A.I. still have trouble taking off.
  4. I'm old skool so no HUD.
  5. I'll probably release the cat 'n' trap version first for the A-4.... it's pretty much ready for a beta...
  6. As soon as I get a working PC again I'll yeah...
  7. Goes in the ship lua file Sorry on my tablet as my PC is a paperweight.. and I can't copy paste
  8. You can add type but I haven't figured out the date restrictions
  9. Is there any message displayed? And you are not using any other mods??
  10. The EW suite wasn't that updated much from when it entered service till out of service,
  11. If you are colour blind then it might be a problem.
  12. Polychop would have to do it.
  13. There are plans you can buy for the CV-01 (I can't find any 3d models of it) but they cost money.... More than I can afford. I am doing a CATOBAR version of the QE and the Hermes.
  14. Cool. Found out if I delete the 'ftp://' part it works.
  15. For me the links don't work anymore... Anyone else??
  16. Razbam will have to add the line of code to the lua so it shows in the category list
  17. No. It is not animated.
  18. What version is this on?
  19. category in ME in the main LUA -- GT.tags = { "ship type", } -- ship type = Carrier Battleship Battlecruiser Cruiser Destroyer Frigate Corvette and Patrol Fast Attack Craft Submarine Support Amphibious Assault
  20. I take it that our own wepons for our own mods ( say my sea cats) would still work and it only effects the base weapons
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