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  1. Then why post in the Supercarrier part of the forum ?
  2. It's live Dynamic Weather Templates and Guide (digitalcombatsimulator.com
  3. There is one ... Tools > Preferences
  4. Needs to be set to sea with the cable connected.
  5. Maybe the other carriers (IF they are being made) will be the SC versions.
  6. It's been ask for the past 6 years for AI to take off in pairs.
  7. Hermes, Ark Royal, Invincible, Forrestal, Stennis
  8. It's only there IF the mission already has Dynamic Weather as the DW tab is missing..
  9. Well I can't see the pic and I guess many others can't... I'll probably get a DCS T-shirt but not a module one and other like is mentioned.
  10. How is the folder structure laid out?? If you want I can have a look?
  11. He needs to make it into a proper mod for saved games... The one I did has a lighter deck.. But yeah having multiple liveries of dirt and grime would be great
  12. There is one being done, not by me tho.
  13. It should be combatable with other mods.. What ones are they??
  14. Also make sure everyone is using the same version.
  15. If you edit a mission with dynamic weather already in then you get this.. Maybe a new weather editor??
  16. I've had a look at the code but not much else.
  17. I've added the holdback bar to my test mod and it works.. And some other mods has it as well..
  18. I just wondering if you're gonna add the hold back bar???
  19. I'm getting a missing texture on most of the railings.. and a geometry error on some of the railings as well.. So far it's looking great.
  20. Flyco position sorted... .... just needing to copy the code over to the release version..
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