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  1. Then you are going to fast... Either put in more full or start further forward or don't go as fast... I can do a full bomb load and full fuel from around 400ft.
  2. How heavy are you and where are you starting from?
  3. It's very different for the LHA It depends on weight > speed > take off distance... I normally have nozzles at 25 degrees. You don't need to move the nozzles to 65 because you have the ramp. But it all depends on weight. If you are light then start more forward and you don't need full throttle.
  4. You can put them in the walkways and on top of the island/bridge/flyco .... The AI wont land if there is anything on the starboard side before wire 4, Port side is fine and some other random places.
  5. Download link to the RC1 on first page... Textures are still a work in progress
  6. Correct. Missiles are separate. The edm file is in the main shapes folder of the game or mod. The the connector tells the game that a missile goes there pointing in a certain direction.
  7. I'm doing one with the catchers called elephant because that is what was going to be the original name...
  8. Still fine tuning it but a quick look at the AI logic.....
  9. Bug with the Harrier... should be fixed in the next update.
  10. Can I see a screenshot of the texture bug please. Due to health issues and not having a PC over the past couple of months i haven't had the chance to do anything.
  11. Should be able to do 12... there might be a problem with the code... can you show the screenshot of the bug. Had the chance to clean the fans and 2 tonnes of dust...
  12. Unfortunately I dont have a my PC.. the motherboard failed so I'm halfway upgrading. It was working before a patch.
  13. They can use the 70s version and the Kuz fine. I'm not sure if it's a Razbam issue or an ED issue.
  14. The last time I checked (May) the A.I. still have trouble taking off.
  15. I'm old skool so no HUD.
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