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  1. Cool, always helps to have a working version to fall back on.
  2. I am also having problems with teh newer version.. The one that works for me (2016) is version 180514 https://drive.google.com/file/d/10-p0qAdOQxdQ-yc8MWh_Y1njq9VejPLz/view?usp=sharing Maybe this can help.
  3. Thought it was only wired for fuel tanks.
  4. Thought it was Heatblur doing the Forrestal.
  5. I'm having no probs with my Hermes with the cat launch either blacking out or damage.. Will need to check the Clem/Foch mod.
  6. Eagle Dynamics\DCS World Version\Bazar\World\Shapes
  7. Yes, there is one in the works by another Modder. I think the A-4 team did have the Oriskany in the works but the artist left, I think to join the armed forced, so I don't know if the team has the model he was working on. I'm not gonna do any US carriers anytime soon.
  8. It's mainly UV stuff and textures. IT will be a mix between 1969 and 1971.. It'll have parts of the CATBAR with the full angled deck, shorter Island, Cats 'n' traps but the starboard lower deck of the 70s+ I will try to release a vid this weekend As RAZBAM are making the Hermes, probably only the STOVL refit, this will probably be the last full update but I will keep it working until they release theirs. Which will be 1000000000s times better. IF it is just the STOVL refit I'll keep the ASW/CMDO version going. I do have plans for -
  9. No. It's all trail and error at the moment. It'll be great IF ED do release something.
  10. All game measurements are in metric, in code at least anyway. The velocities are m/s, weights kg, lengths meters. GT.X_tail is the location of the wake start
  11. I think the Super carrier textures were done differently as in it is titled instead of the normal UVW.
  12. Not that I know of, he is still working on it.
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