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    Flight Sims, WW2 Aviation, Napoleonic History, Vespa Scooters.
  1. Charnwood campaign is for the P 51 only. Spitfire is available in the Epsom and Big Show campaigns. S! Scream.
  2. Try using the " Open Command Menu " instead . Push To Talk seems to be mainly for radio comms amongst airborne units. Cheers, Scream.
  3. Condolences to family, friends and the ED team. R.I.P.
  4. Solution for TrackIR Users. (Thanks to Sokol for inspiration.) Snap views do work with a TrackIr set up. You can set a snap view and assign it to a joystick or throttle button or single key as well as a macro, just make sure you can still hold the button down whilst adjusting the compass and holding the stick in level flight. Step One: Press the button/key assigned to one of the snap views, say Snap View 1. Then release the button to return to TrackIr view. Step Two: Try and get a clear view of the compass without moving the stick. This seems to work best by contorting yourself in
  5. Great keyboard that one. Use it myself. The three sets of macros make it handy for switching between flight sims, and is perfect for all those radio commands. Highly recommended.
  6. Thanks for all these missions. Great work.
  7. There are a fair few of us that fall into that category on this forum. Former NSW Mounted Police here. So, plenty of volunteers out there....... Seriously though, what do all the stones and sticks add to a flight sim, just some decent looking grass and everything is good. Doesn't this just add to the texture loading process? Cheers, Scream.
  8. Emu Parade anyone? The grass does look pretty dodgy as well. Definitely needs some changes.
  9. +1 for this request. It would be very handy to have a separate key command for this feature.
  10. It may very well have been. Personally I thought I had flown through the Sea Of Holes and into Pepperland. Just had to keep an eye out for any low flying Yellow Submarines.
  11. Thanks for this tip about resetting the values. Awesome!
  12. I was enjoying my favourite sport of destroying steam trains the other day, and after managing to cause some damage to the carriages the smoke from the wreck seemed to have been replaced by what can only be described as large blue bubbles. Anyone else having this issue? Should I delete the metashaders folder? Cheers, Scream.
  13. Does Wags original post regarding AA and AF ingame being off with deferred shadows turned on still apply after the latest update?
  14. Target visibility seemed to be an issue in real life as well. When filming the Battle of Britain movie "the Spitfires, Hurricanes, Messerschmitts, and Heinkels were repainted into authentic 1940 colors, but were so perfectly camouflaged, that they could not be seen against the ground or sky. Most of the aerial scenes were filmed with clouds in the background, so the aircraft could be seen."
  15. How stable is everyone finding the Normandy alpha release? Is anyone having any major problems? I just wanted to check on this before I commit to a major download with Australia's blindingly slow download speeds. Or would it be better to wait a couple more weeks for the release version? Cheers, Scream.
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