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  1. Will do, just need some time to work on this.
  2. Legends say that if you want to pass IC, you need to go directly to multiplayer after launching DCS. Haven't tried it myself tho.
  3. Surrexen, thank you for this jewel! The mission runs beautifully. As an axis pilot, I'd love to see some objectives on the red side! Cheers!
  4. Don't have the Channel map but it looks nice to me. :)
  5. Wow! Thanks for the feedback! I am glad you guys like it. The mod should play along nicely with the upcoming long-awaited damage model for WW2 aircraft. :)
  6. Thank you for those great comparison shots! No, there is no such need. If you want to achieve even greater experience, I highly suggest installing the great "2.5.6.xxxxx adjusted shaders" mod by Mustang, available here: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/dcs-world-topics/mods-and-apps/dcs-mods/284187-2-5-6-xxxxx-adjusted-shaders?t=281666
  7. We're already in contact and share our experience.
  8. Art-J, now that I know which textures to alter, it should be just a matter of time before I release spring and autumn. ;)
  9. Skip, unfortunately, LOW RES textures are not included, so what you see on your screenshot is stock textures. Set them to HIGH and you will see the difference! ;)
  10. You guys are welcome! I am glad you like it! :)
  11. The first post has been updated with the download link. Have fun! I am looking forward to getting some feedback!
  12. Summer texture pack will be released tomorrow. ;)
  13. Well, frankly speaking, the mod is ready. I have sent a PM to MAESTR0 (Ugra Media), to ask the company for permission to make it public. Haven't received any answers so far :(.
  14. Thank you! It should demand from your GPU no more than the vanila version. I haven't resized any textures whatsoever. :)
  15. No promises but I'll see what I can do about it. Some pics from higher altitude:
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