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  1. Yup, it includes all 4 seasons.
  2. Disregard that. I accidentally included two folders in the release version, named: LandNoiseAutumn and LandNoiseSpring. These two should not have made it to the release package (you can as well delete them). DCS uses the files from LandNoiseSummer for both Spring and Autumn.
  3. Sure! So this is the main texture knows as noise_1. It covers the whole map and serves as a foundation for other textures (cities, villages, fields, etc). The parameter noise1PerSquare determines how big that texture is in your sim. The greater the value, the smaller the texture. The smaller the texture, the greater detail it has when flying slow and low. But it has one major drawback - the higher you get, the more visible becomes the problem of texture repetition. You start seeing the same characteristic elements of the texture repeated (some cracks, patches of different saturatio
  4. That's true. Try playing with the noise1PerSquare parameter. The higher it is, the better the texture should look at low altitude. The smaller it is, the better the texture looks at high altitude. Try adjusting it to your liking ;).
  5. Ok, let's see if we can fix this very quickly by doing some voodoo-magic in the LUA. Navigate to : DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\terrains\Caucasus and open LUA file named: terrain.cfg (preferably with Notepad++ ). In that file look for line 957, which says: noise2PerSquare = 13 and change the value from 13 to 256. Save it and check the results in the sim.
  6. JanRalle, thank you for the report. Can you specify in a greater detail what is wrong with the texture? It seems to be just fine on my end (maybe my monitor is the problem here).
  7. Thank you for your feedback! Well, I've lived in this world long enough to acknowledge that you cannot make everyone happy, no matter how much you try. Editing textures in DCS is a game of compromise. You make one thing look more natural and generally better - another looks more artificial. Those who have tried editing terrain textures should know what I mean. I am a self-learner. Altering the textures in DCS made me learn GIMP from a scratch and oh boy - what a great tool it is! What people generally don't understand are all the limitations that DCS imposes on mod creators, especially the t
  8. Use the force, Skywalker. On a serious note tho, try closing DCS, launch it again and go directly to MP. The server should let you in. You see - that's the problem with texture mods, especially those modifying the whole map.
  9. Hammer, a few questions to troubleshoot the problem: 1. Did you install the mod using JSGME as instructed? 2. Did you uninstall any previous terrain mods? 3. Do you have your terrain textures set to HIGH in the graphics options? Thanks
  10. Hmm, do you mind posting a screenshot showing June in your sim?
  11. Are your terrain textures set to HIGH in the graphics options? EDIT: Sorry, was answering in a hurry. Could you please post a screenshot of the winter on your end?
  12. Yeah, winter is experimental and surely needs some tuning. I am aware of that. Expect the patch in 2 weeks time.
  13. Thank you all for your positive comments! As for IC, I've just checked it aaaaand... I was able to join a server with IC enabled. You just need to restart your DCS, go immediately to multiplayer and join the required server. If you do so, it should let you in. Cheers!
  14. Sniper, as a Pole myself, you have no bloody idea how much I cannot wait for you to complete this beauty! Hats off!
  15. Now that's a surprise. Can somebody else confirm this, please? I don't get that kind of message and can download the mod without any problems.
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