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  1. The anecdotal evidence I'm eluding to was gained from RAF Hawk pilots on the flight line at RAF valley in the late 1980's, so it's not just some guy on a forum somewhere we are talking about.... The article eluded to in my original post mentioned a lack of pre-stall buffet on early prototypes and how the issue was resolved on production models. (i.e, how pre-stall buffet was introduced and a more gradual departure was obtained) My post also mentioned documentary evidence AND anecdotal evidence. The article from the Royal Aeronautical society can be found here: [ame]http://aerosociety.com
  2. I complained about the same thing (lack of implemented pre-stall buffet) here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=2757917#post2757917 and also attached a detailed article on Hawk aerodynamic history. I was basically told the model was as accurate as possible given the limitations of the flight model engine. I don't accept this as ED's implementation of the L39 is far superior to that of the Hawk and includes a very nice buffet effect which gives a very nice warning of departure. There is also multiple documentary and anecdotal evidence of light and moderate pre-stall and departure bu
  3. Pre-Stall buffet So it was great to finally get the EFM version of the Hawk! I have a question.... Is the EFM basically done or are we going to see major enhancements to the flight model in the future? I must say I was a little disappointed in the overall feel of the flight model and the lack of any "feedback" before stall such as buffet. Although the departure characteristics of the Hawk were designed to be benign it feels as though it's on rails sometimes especially when pulling to a max G turn. As an aside, I came across this very interesting paper on the Hawks history, develop
  4. I wouldn't take it too personally flygav......although a lot of people on these forums seem to. And yes you are correct in saying satire doesn't go down very well, I'll leave the reason for that for individuals to work out. Your original post didn't seem too outrageous to me, It's your opinion and you're definitely entitled to make it, especially if it's backed up by real world experience, in fact I would say anyone with any real world flying experience would be entitled to make comments on flight models.
  5. I'm presuming this works OK with with the non beta 1.5.2 release....just about to try....also any new on static object support?
  6. +1 no mission briefing packet, checked usual docs folders....nada
  7. As far as I'm aware it's impossible to completely start a net server in cmd line without some UI interaction. That's why I created this script to re-start our servers when they crashed: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=114361 You could you autohotkey as detailed in the thread to carry out the UI interaction.
  8. The problem is if I only go with one GTX and no TH2G, I'm only going to get 2 monitor outputs. The options I have as I see it are: 1. TH2G running off my NV 960 GTX @ 5120 X1080 with X3 Monitors 2. 2 X NV 960 GTX using only 1 GPU but utilizing 3 monitor outputs @ 5120 X1080 with X3 Monitors
  9. The RAF used GR1A's of number 2 (AC) sqn which were fitted out with specialist reconnaissance equipment. Number 16 sqn GR1's were equipped with ALARM missiles for the SEAD role. My understanding is also that the GR1's of the Luftwaffe were not equipped with TIALD pods (Thermal Imaging Airborne Laser Designator targeting pod) and therefore could not self designate LGB's - I was an engineer on Tornado's for 10 years during the 80's and 90's
  10. Thanks but that's not really my question, I'm already exporting MFCD's to 2 Lilliput's. The question really is for the main displays what is the best hardware solution? Matrox TH2G or SLI?
  11. Hi guys, Apologies if this has been discussed before...which it probably has but not recently.... what is everyones opinion on options for a triple monitor setup? TripleHead2Go or Nvidia SLI surround, given the flaky DCS/Nvidia support for SLI mode in DCS at the moment?
  12. There are reportedly some problems with i7's clocked at over 4.6Ghz and HT affecting game performance on single threaded games. HT enabled would not have increased performance in DCS anyway as it would not utilize all those threads (cores) It's nothing really to do with DCS not liking HT, it can't use it. (I cant think of a single game or sim that utilises HT...) Your system should be more than fine with an increase in screen resolution to 3440 x 1440, you may see some decrease in frame rates but not much as the GPU is utilised more now by the new graphics engine.
  13. Ground Avoidance Mode button on HOTAS Does anyone know what this button does? I've looked in the manual and can find no mention of it in the forums...
  14. Thought I'd start a thread on this.... So here's a starter for one....
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