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  1. Has anyone else had a bluescreen of reboot yet while trying to save a track? I just finished a mission and thought I'd watch my flying but when trying to save after quitting, my computer hit a bluescreen and rebooted.
  2. Okay, I'll try it out and let you know how it goes. Yeah it is wierd, my friend has the same stick as me and the same profile but he isn't affected by it. Anyway, I'll give it a go. Haha, you were correct. Holding them both down at the same time worked!! Thanks a lot! I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :D
  3. Hey guys, I just got Flaming cliffs 2.0 and I'm having the same problem!! It's the same engine as black shark now right so why am I having this problem?? I don't have it with Black shark. Basically the game is not detecting any shift input from my stick profile but it works if I use the keyboard. Can anyone help me? This is really frustrating!!! For example if I press the button I have assigned for power/electricals on in the Su-25T nothing happens. If I press right shift and L on the keyboard, the power comes on. If I then again press the power/electricals button on my joystick,
  4. Already tried all that :( It's just really confusing seeming my friend has the exact same config/drivers/setup but he isn't having any problems.
  5. Yeah I thought I did, I guess not. T.y Downloading it now. Still having the same problem. Although for some reason I can use another shift commands for other buttons for example T4 for flaps down seems to work. I tried using a different config, tried remapping the controls in the actual game with right shift (which doesn't seem to matter which shift key you use) it just doesn't want to accept shift L input for T1. I also noticed that something similar for my t.v screen in the SU25-T. I have mode 3 T1 for t.v on and T2 for laser on but when I try to turn the laser on, it turns my t
  6. Okay I will give it a go. Trouble is in the keyboard mapping it doesn't seem to distinguish wether it's left or right. Hmm, just tried mapping new buttons on the SST left shift works, right shift doesn't. Same for my friend but his game works okay.
  7. Hello guys, for some reason Lockon doesn't appear to be picking up any shift input combination keys from my joystick. For example, in Lockon when flying the SU25-T to switch on the power at start up, the keyboard input for this is SHIFT+L. I have programmed this into the profile editor for the x52 but for some reason, it doesn't work. Instead it only seems to be picking up the L button and not the combination. I have to manually press SHIFT+L on the keyboard and when I try using the input on the stick, it just illuminates the cockpit which is L by default. Does anybody know why this
  8. Goddamn it, it still won't start, am i going to have to reinstall the game??
  9. Hmm..okay thanks, do i have to just reinstall the game again or can i just uninstall the patch? Thanks for all your help so far guys! :D Okay, i've just got the CD patch and just installed it over the current one i have, i'll have to test it a bit later though..
  10. Possibly but i didn't know there was multiple versions of the patch..is that true? One patch for CD version and one patch for downloaded version?? I can only see one patch and that's the one i have 1.12a...
  11. Sorry to double post but does anyone know the usual amount of time it takes for ther support guys to email you back? I sent them an email yesterday and they still havn't got back to me..I just want to play my game again :pilotfly:
  12. Yep, it said "insert CD, try again and see if the problem persists"..It does :( Sorry, i forgot to mention it :)
  13. Well today, i went to play Gold edition LOMAC FC as usual but i get an error message from StarForce telling me that my activation key has expired. Looking around on the forums and other places on the web, it seems it was something i was supposed to do, like registering my game. I don't recall anything telling me to do this so when i installed the game or anytime after that...i was wondering what should i do? How can i register the game and use the activation key?? I don't have a key from anywhere, what am i missing?? I won't be able to play the game until i get this thing registered but
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