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  1. Hello again everyone. I tried unchecking the FF option under Miscellaneous settings, and indeed the autopilot works. But I'm left with an unsprung joystick that makes it very weird to fly with. Is there any hope I can to some fine trickery to get my FF stick to work, or at least trick the Sidewinder 2 to give me a spring force while having FF turned off in game?
  2. Bingo, unplugged the joystick and autopilot works. Now moving forward, my Microsoft Sidewinder 2 stick is not defective, I've used it with other sims just fine. I don't want to go out and get a different stick just for DCS. Are there any steps I can take to make this joystick work with the sim? I already have deadzone and sensitivity curve settings.
  3. Hello, I don't know if you have a Force Feedback stick, but in case you don't let me describe something: With my FF stick, trimming "nose down" actually moves the "spring force" forward so that the stick's center is much forward vs a non-FF stick. If I didn't trim up the Su-27 would be trying to climb at 45 degree climb. The manual says there can't be more than 20% stick input to engage the autopilot. Is this causing an issue? However, the manual says I can have more than 20% stick and engage the flying level and straight mode, ALT+3. That mode isn't working either. What I can do is try
  4. Hello, I have more tracks for your review. I have 5% dead zone and 25% curvature on both axis. First is the Su-27. I take off and accelerate, retrack flaps and gear, trim nose down, press A and.... nothing. I then tried the same in the Su-33 and all works normal. Autopilotnotworking.trk AutopilotWORKINGwithSu33.trk
  5. Thanks for reviewing my track. I recently did a calibration on my stick; the FF spring seems to not be perfectly centered, so it's a hair off. I have added enough dead zone to counter for it. I also added a curve to the sensitivity. I will try taking control of the track at full throttle and see what happens. I only throttled back so we could see the autopilot lights, I'm not sure if there's another way to check them.
  6. Hello everyone, I have attached a track of the Su-27 autopilot issue. I take off, retract gear and flaps. I trim nose down, throttle back so you can see the autopilot lights. I press A and it engaged. I do not touch anything else and it disengages on its own seconds later. I try engaging Alt+3 again and nothing happens. Any help would be appreciated. I deleted all my keyboard/joystick assignments and was back to default mapping. Autopilotnotworking.trk
  7. Is there a way to reset DCS to factory defaults by deleting some config file? Maybe I messed something up during setup.
  8. Alright, here is what I have discovered: In the Su-33 the autopilot works as programmed. I actually don't get the lights in the buttons, but when I press "A" I can see the buttons being "pressed down". In the Su-27 I can also see the buttons being pressed down, but nothing happens. I have tried accelerating to over 800Kph, have it trimmed for level flight, then try A or Alt+3 and while I see the button animation work, the autopilot is not working. Any help is appreciated.
  9. I will need to check the lights, but yes, I trim before I engage the autopilot. I only want to use the autopilot to maintain course and altitude while I fiddle with the radar.
  10. PS: I did do a search and read the whole thread about the Su-27 autopilot issues; I'm not sure I'm having an oscillation problem, I can't get it to do anything, but I will try again at a low altitude and high rate of speed.
  11. Hello everyone. I recently purchased DCS and FC3 on Steam. Everything is going well as I'm relearning the simulator, I used to have the first FC. Currently I have an issue with the Su-27 and the autopilot. Basically, I can't get it to work; pressing A seems to barely do anything, and trying to use the straight and level feature does nothing as well (Alt+3). The funny thing is that the features work perfectly in the Su-33. I haven't touched the default key assignments for it, I can still go to Controls/Su-27/Autopilot and see all the default autopilot commands, which I have not mapped to
  12. Hello, I'm trying to back up the control assignments (joystick button assignments) So I don't have to reenter them for a reinstall. There's many files that look like they could be the ones, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know for sure the file that holds that info? Thanks
  13. I found the answer: Q: How can I change a volume of force feedback effects? A: check /Config/Contactor.cfg file. TrimmerGain = 1.0; - a volume of force effect of triming ShakeGain = 0.5; - a volume of force effect of shaking\getting hits\gun shooting\explosives etc
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