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  1. All the Mi-24 Trimmer systems in one neat video.
  2. Yes, it is autocentring on both axes. I will post pix of that system soon, though it’s basically a few springs! @RazorbackYes, 3d printing has changed my life, when coupled with Fusion 360!
  3. State of mine, awaiting Hall sensors, push buttons and wiring up.
  4. Ugh, I hate my printer too sometimes. It would not print. I changed settings, nozzle and cleaned the bed. For 3 days it printed perfectly. Then yesterday, completely freaked out again and will NOT print…. I feel your pain. I put a new hotend on yesterday, and STILL messing about.
  5. Nope, my bad… I changed from PLA to PETG without realising! Settings were wrong. So, cleaned the bed, changed the settings and boom, now it’s printing beautifully again!
  6. @hannibalThanks for the compliments! Yours is very impressive too, and actually you motivated me to get on with mine. I love Fusion 360, am running it as a non-commercial, file limited application for free, and it is extremely intuitive and quick to develop with. i will be putting this whole system on Arduino and DCSBIOS but that is a way off! I got stuck into the modelling of the unit as a challenge. I have run off a few parts of the mechanism, but you know how it goes with 3D printing…. Last night I left my printer running, and this morning I come down to find a large lump of solid plastic attached to the print head, but no parts of my controller. Oh well, start again…
  7. My aiming station is now coming out of the 3D printer, piece by piece. Here is a video of the individual parts in order of design, and to some extent assembly. One part is missing, the spring holder branch for the pitch axis, (I forgot it!). I may remake the video. Designed in Fusion 360, and using screen grabs from DCS as well as a ton of reference. Axes sensors will be Halls driven by magnets in the 2 arms of each axis rotation. i still have to draft the main support bracket, the wiring conduit etc, and of course the whole head-rest and optics tower, the switch panels and mount for the whole system.
  8. I plan to model the system from the missile selector dial all the way back to the main control panel. I will be modelling a head rest also for use with VR. The optic guidance controller will use Hall sensors for pitch and yaw, and be weighted to feel heavy and clunky too. This will be an additional module to swing into position when flying as Operator, to complement my main Pilot’s cockpit.
  9. Same as in Mi-8. ”Right pedal movement is limited by СПУУ-52-1 (SPUU-52-1) moveable stop (pitch limiter) system which uses air density and temperature to adjust the maximum tail rotor pitch angle and prevent overloading of the tail rotor and drive system.”
  10. Yes, some of it is now running under DCSBIOS already, while some is working with Bodnar boards. the right side electrics panel is now functional (except the 36v switch,a bug) along with the fuel tank selector, and the Fire Extinguisher panel and Autopilot panel are mostly working, though I still have a few corrections in their Sketch to correct. The weapons panel is currently on a Bodnar, but I will switch it to DCSBIOS to improve its functionality soon, though I also need to upgrade several switches on there first. I managed to find some On-On-On switches from China which need to have their toggle levers improved…
  11. The flares panel behind the pilot's left shoulder are signals flares, fall quickly and are short lived. They are used for visual communication, for example in the event of total radio failure. To use them, first raise the toggle switch at the left side of a panel. Then push one of the black buttons with the colour identifier. But you will need to be outside view to see it. Many mission designers use CTLD which gives options to drop smoke markers.
  12. Jadro and the other radios are all turned on by the switches behind pilots left shoulder. Jadro must also be switched to AM, bottom left knob on the jadro panel. After that use SPU-8 to select radio.
  13. Not operational yet.
  14. Same as in Mi-8. R-828 presets FM behind pilots left shoulder. R-863 Preset only above pilots left knee.
  15. The cockpits and cargo cabin are all connected and pressurised, and all the doors are pneumatically sealed, making it NBC capable. There is an air conditioning system for circulating and filtering the air, and you can see the pipes and outlet nozzles of this system, which blow upward along the sills of the canopies to reduce condensation, and into each cockpit area, for either cooling, or heating, depending on the environment. The fans are there to keep all of this moving around, and can be positioned accordingly for the pilots’ comfort and benefit.
  16. The doors are opened by the Co-Pilot/Operator when using the ATGM Periscope Sight. The doors are there to protect it from damage and dirt.
  17. Its a mistake. Reported! Thanks for your "eagle-eyed" attention.
  18. Use your settings in the main config screens. Choose between km and nm
  19. Mi-24 variants, 2648 built, in service in 48 countries, plus Russia. Still being produced today in much the same configuration as its original design.... Not that flawed then.
  20. One aspect of the Mi-24's design that should be understood, is that it took place under the aegis of Soviet ministerial management. Mil himself wanted to design unique systems for the Mi-24, for avionics, navigation, comms and weapons management. However, he was told by government departments to make use of many existing equipment, already in use and in stock. Consequently, these systems had to be integrated, requiring more complex electrical systems, and design difficulties for integration between them. Having said that, sitting in (my reproduction) pit, the layout is no better or worse than many other aircraft. Some switches are awkward to reach, requiring a twist to the left to use a right hand, or reaching blindly back with a left hand, peering underneath the door closing-piston to access the anti-icing or Aircon, or trying to see and activate the correct weapons switch while holding the cyclic in active combat flight! But with practice, familiarity will settle in, and we will all intuitively know where to look, where to switch, which knob to turn, etc. Personally, I cannot wait for this beauty to be EA ready!
  21. I search for books and docs on scribd.com. just found “The Bear went over the Mountain”.
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