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  1. This video sums up and demonstrates the trim functions of the Mi-24. Pedals do not stay centred in flight, nor does the cyclic, nor collective. The trim system is there to alleviate strain on the pilot and hold the controllers mechanically in position, using hydraulics and electro-magnets. This is to enable the helicopter to be flown against cross-winds to prevent excess drift, to balance all the opposing forces of torque between the main rotor, the tail rotor, inertia, wind-resistance and meteorological influences, and to relieve the muscular tension of the Pilot’s
  2. And hopefully to be able to say....”I’ll be bäck.” (Terminator).
  3. I have been working on a fully switchable Mi-24 pit for nearly 4 years, in anticipation of eventually getting the beast in DCS. Full thread here. It is already 90% ready, and currently working as a Mi-8 cockpit. Apart from the breakers, I can do a full cold start, the radios are all functional, ARK-15 functional (though a DCS update broke that last year), Doppler NAV fully working, weapons panel wired and ready (with some Mi-8 bindings in use), Fire Extinguisher panel working, etc. I still need to wire up the gun-sight, build switches for the gauges, (gauges are dummies, but
  4. As the Mi-24 module in DCS has now a “suggested” release date of May 31st 2021, I thought I would share a short video of recent progress. there is still a lot to do, but I have been focused on connecting switches which relate to functions in the Mi-8, which I currently fly increasingly aggressively! The weapons panel is fully wired up now, though the weapon switching systems in the 8 are very different to the 24. I still need to find a solution for the left and right breakers panels, though I have something in mind. And I still have yet to progress with the authentic pedals
  5. My understanding, re Mi-24s in Afghanistan and "reloading from the cargo compartment".... There was no advantage to this idea. Operations were not so far from the airbases or forward operating bases to warrant the risk of landing, out of weaponry, shutting down, rearming by hand from the awkward cargo compartment by the pilots, then taking off with a view to returning too the fray. The safest place to land would undoubtedly be the airbase, which would be not too far a ride. Added to this, why add weight to further limit the performance already compromised by the terrain and meteorological cond
  6. I fly in VR in helicopter specific server. We sometimes have over 20 helos in the air. No problems here....
  7. Pre-ordered. OBVIOUSLY!
  8. This is the scenario perfectly illustrated in the Tom Clancy novel, Red Storm Rising. The casualties and losses of men and equipment is catastrophic on both sides. This was envisaged by both political sides in Cold War Europe. War-gamed sandbox recreations by professional military tacticians found that the Red Wave of tanks, armour and air assets crossing into Europe from a Warsaw Pact aggressor would be unstoppable by purely military means, hence the political arm of nuclear deterrence. In Red Storm Rising, the Mi-24 is featured quite often. It’s a great read, I have it on Audible, and ret
  9. [BSD] Molevich Good formation skills in Mi-8 - ITC +0 Very saddened to hear the news about OWWE Osa, I admired his Ka-50 demonstration skills for some years.
  10. Exquisite video, production values are top notch, and the vocal delivery clear and precise, informative and engaging. Well done, Viktor! Very much looking forward to the next one. Mole
  11. Hi Maffo, i suggest you add a physical switch to the Arduino and add that to your sketch, something easy to see in cockpit, Master Arm on or something. Shut down DCS, shut down DCS-BIOS. Make sure you have a good path for DCS-Bios to DCS. Start DCS, DCSBIOS should start automatically. In cockpit, focus on that switch. Activate the physical switch. Watch for changes. See if that works.
  12. I love this video, and have watched it and others from the same sources often. The Mi-24 is a big beast, with the inertia of its tonnage, but in the hands of a skilled pilot, it is pretty agile, as seen here. There will be lots of provisos and cautions about what not to do or try, but I am sure we will be enthusiastically pushing the envelope. I find the Mi-8 in DCS is a lot more nimble than is usually to be expected of a craft of its size, and hopefully gives an indication of what to expect from ED’s Mi-24.
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