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  1. 'P' I think of as the "Point and Shoot" mode (as a quick reminder, it toggles between gunsight and auto-tracking, it can take a few seconds to switch between the two). In point-and-shoot mode don't forget to switch to cannon "c". I think of it as CP (combat pilot time), and hit my C and P keys. Mental jogs can help relax you in times of stress, also soothing music when available. In this particular mission you have the advantage that the Mi24s come down the valley towards you, head-on aspect. Lock them up for a long range VKHR shot, zoom in and make the gate as small as possible (use the
  2. All new glory days Rup :) You'll find some more old folks if you drop by the SimHQ Teamspeak server at the weekend (late evening for you) and exchange technical notes on hardware, mission building and the bloody weather. Sometimes we even get some stick time :) I see your set-up is built around one of those neatly designed Akers-Barnes cockpits (I built one of those myself). Approx 5% increase after stepping up shadow settings one notch. Get a lot of flicker in the GUI with current nVidia drivers (this doesn't happen in flight). When I saw your diagram I realised that was what
  3. The Windows 7 64 beta currently allows span mode and I spent some time experimenting with a similar set-up to ruprecht's diagram (TripleH2go @1280x1024 x 3 + TV) however I had to run in windowed mode and I could only get half the ABRIS image stretched across the 4th display (which was a TV). After a couple of hours fiddling I gave up. But it looked promising. W7beta hasn't yet crippled the output, seemed to be a few more options available for tinkering. Performance increase in Win7/64b made it worthwhile anyway.
  4. The light source is culled from the 3D scene when it's not located within the camera frustum. Not really a bug but a function of the 3d engine clipping things not in view, normally this is unnoticed but here it's glaringly obvious, if you pardon the weak pun.
  5. For interesting approach read ham-fisted? :) Certainly is. Adding groups and naming them can be a lengthy process, especially having to duplicate 8 player flights complete with waypoints. This will take the tedium out of that. EECH GSS was me, and the Longbow 2 editor. The Black Shark editor has a subset of the events available to LB2, it could use a few more, I wonder if more are available to the engine but are not possible to add via the editor.(???) Things like setting unit damage <n>, destroy unit <n>, re-spawn flag, set coalition to <n..>, don't shoot me flag; thos
  6. I've been playing around with exporting LB2 missions to BS for a while, not all the triggers are available and there's a few caveats but it's main purpose is to quickly populate a mission with unit names and waypoints rather than generate anything intelligent. Actually that needs correcting, it's main purpose is as a test for C# classes that generates LUA mission files, it was just convenient to convert some LB2 mission stuff to a C# class and do some a>b conversion (as the two sims use different co-ordinate systems obviously) . It's not such a stretch to spit out mission files for a quick
  7. Yeah I was going to say, you can see the camera mount and part of the tripod assembly and the lense hood and the... :) One of those situations where being a grip really does mean you should hold on tight.
  8. "Hold your position two I'm going to take a look. ORT to scan". Hover hold mode engaged I took my hands and feet off the controls partly to set-up for a missile engagement but also to loosen up after the unexpected start to the morning. The sweeping image on the TV was a mass of grey clutter as the TV camera in the nose swept left and right past scrub, trees, the occasional structure and sky. Although masked by the top of the shallow valley it would have been all too easy to get tagged were I careless enough to climb too high. It was time to move and not get pinned down, a combat helicopter ha
  9. The following is a fictional account but is typical of a flown virtual combat mission in many a helo simulator. Flying Helicopters sounds boring - he said? It was a passing comment I'd heard the night before. It was now dawn. Time to get ready, close the hatch and go through the final checklist. We had the maps out looking for every barn, pocket, saddle, tree line all the way from the FARP chemical toilets to the assembly area. In the end we picked a soft route, three valley turns. Cyc is leading for this one as he is, by his own admission, "by far the best navigator" among us. One riv
  10. I like the MMO idea but it is my opinion that what really spoils a good MMOs are other players :) get rid of them and you're smokin. Microsoft Flight simulator sells bucket loads, on the high street it has a high visibilty including that of third party add-ons. Always a strong indicator. It would suggest sales of flight simulator products are much more healthy than one would think. Perhaps what's quite telling is one particular old gaming friend of mine, he would spend hours at a time on flight sims of 10 years ago, LAN meets, modem play. He won't touch new simulators, he doesn't find
  11. I've been having a lot of fun with it. I agree with you Thomas about the WIP beta release feel, really OFP was a WIP for a long time, art is never finished only abandoned. The big frame rate killer is all the post effects, looks great, not needed. My FPS is quite smooth as a result. The helicopter controls are just lame but that's a BI thing, they never were nor do I suspect they ever will be decent. That's not why you play this though. Will be buying more boxed units when available in the UK for the lan sessions. Hopefully the helicopter controls will have been improved by then (the ete
  12. I need to move house soon, can I borrow one of them Ka-32s? :) I was flying an A10 mission against a road convoy which had a couple of Hinds for cover, imagine my supprise when my plane disintergrated with no warning while running-in for a gun shot against a helicopter. Later somone examined the flight recording and posted a nice picture of me getting a full rocket salvo in the face. Ouch. That AI is a great shot.
  13. @AirTito Yo-Yo is totally on the ball. He's like the accuracy police I think :) @Scudslaker Oooh, would like to know more. Can't wait to see what you have in mind. Is it a desk-bound controller or something larger?
  14. Indeed, you don't need to touch the throttle control often, the engine governor should take care of keeping the appropriate amount of power available for you. You might want to be hands-on with the throttle as a matter of procedure or comfort, no matter what helicopter you fly the govenor will *always* lag. You can (and should) anticipate power demands although this is more important in ships where there is little extra power available. No style points for sitting on the apron generating so much bloody noise and burning all that fuel *wink* The little slider on the Saitek X52 I find p
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