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  1. I have triple monitors and I can't Zoom Out to get the COCKPIT out of my face and only seeing 1/3 of the main panel. I can move my head up/down to see the area I want to see but when I hit

    the Center Key I ONLY have 1/3 of the main panel on screen. I have my resolution set to

    5760 X 1080 and I followed the instruction from a TrackIR Video on youtub in setting up

    the ZOOM View in Game but nothing changed,

    Has anyone out there with TRIPLE MONITORS running DCS WORLD have a Fix for this problem?






    I think the problem has been between the headphones all the while, I've been making

    my final approaches with to higha Engine RPM. I also turn off "Auto Rudder" and then

    made a couple successful landings. I'll try and change my landing procedure and see

    what happens.


  3. Hello


    Well since talking to you I changed my Landing procedure a little,well I should say a lot :-)))

    I notice I've be coming in with to high of Eng. RPM. I just made a couple successful landings

    by backing off the Eng. RPM and I took off AUTO RUDDER. So I'll work on my new Technique

    and send you a Track when I have a decent one :-))).



  4. I just thought of something I tried to ADD On to my DCS 2.0 NTTR a few months ago

    that might have caused this problem. I tried to install a third party Graphics Enhancer

    software program. I couldn't get it to work like I seen others ON You Tube had success.

    I screwed around with a lot of in game files so maybe that did it How involved would it be

    to deactivate DCS 2.0 NTTR + Modules and Programs then reinstall a fresh DCS 2.0 NTTR ?



  5. I have control of all 3 Axis ,Yaw,Pitch and roll on approach and I always make it to the runway.

    On the approach the torrian moves to the right and I checked in the Mission editor ,there's

    No wind set. Is there any where else in the mission were some wind might be set in ?

    I have all CH PRODUCTS ,Throttle,Yoke, petals , and have the controls mapped.The P-51D

    and TF-51 in DCS 2 NTTR are the only two with this problem.

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