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  1. This XXI century change people's sensitivity too much. Seems that we need to take soft words while we are hit hard. To understand better better what I am trying to tell you: "it's done when it's done" is equal with "we don't know yet how long it will take". While the first expression is hitting hard verbally, the second one is letting more room of compassion - neither however will change the final result. "Suing" everything is another disease which spread exponential in the last century and is doing more harm than good. Having these in minds is clear VEAO don't know how to communicate so that our "up to date" sensitive souls to not be hurt. C'mon people... we might be lost 40 bucks... is that a tragedy? Do you really think VEAO are now on a sunset beach ? So.. chill out people... let them do whatever they think they have to do and not take their blunt words personally.
  2. You are safe if you buy with Paypal. Secondly, I bought myself a rudder pedals from EU store and everything was absolutely fine. They might delayed because stock shortage, but certainly they are not scam.
  3. I used and still do use FB to be more connected to the news of any kinds. I never liked selfies and life drama conversations over facebook, hence I cannot deny its newsflash information which are presented a lot better than in email spams. Social media is the most powerfull weapon these days and this is a fact. It is only about us to correctly understand this. These problems stands equally with google, Microsoft and all others... these tools would not exists without the highest level approvals :D @Bitmaster: what is MZ ?
  4. Rest in peace Igor! Thank you for your contribution for this marvelous flight world. You'll be living through your work on the entire DCS community and not only!
  5. Oculus Rift made some recommendation for PCI-E extension cards for USBs. You can start from there if you want. NVMe is absolutely fine near your CPU.
  6. For Tekken7 for PC (Mortal Kombat style game) have arround 65 GB :)). I am really wondering why... but I said this to understand better that DCS size is very good actually. Other games: Arma3 with several mods: 190GB FIFA18: ~60GB World of tanks: ~35GB rFactor2 with mods: 60GB Assetto Corsa: ~ 30GB I don't want to mention X-Plane which if is modded can exceed even 200GB. These are currently what is called "normal". I know storage is expensive, but as an insider... SSD are decreasing in price quite drastically this year. Just wait a bit more until the summer time.
  7. Use linked folders and move few of the folders in this new type. https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16226/complete-guide-to-symbolic-links-symlinks-on-windows-or-linux/ There is no real simulation game that will run on small volumes.... take it as a fact, act accordingly.
  8. @jpdesvals: so is that Arduino code able to control 2 axis simultaneous? Or is just for a steering wheel? I am ready to breakdown my warthog and adapt it to motors if the Arduino can control only the motors. However, this is not clear for me.
  9. USB ports and drivers proves some inconsistency later. My recommendations are: 1. Change in BIOS the Compatibility for USB to "DISABLE". Win10 knows to handle the USB ports better this way. 2. I suspect also possible power issues with your motherboard and try to check followings: a. check all your cables including the DisplayPort video cable and assure they are good quality and not prone to any short circuits b. try use an powered USB hub, but be sure you have best quality hub on the market 3. Check TIR cables and eventually consider changing it completely... maybe it not make a perfect contact somewhere.
  10. Security is one of the hottest topic in IT since some time. They need to protect their intellectual property, unfortunately their security experts missed few important aspects. If that happens to critical business line software like OS, business apps etc it would translate in money loses and could end into producer bankruptcy. In this case, we are talking about entertainment devices so while is embaracing for Oculus is not a critical damage for anybody. We just take few days of PC break and this is a great opportunity to enjoy the real life :))))
  11. Most emberacing software thing I have ever encountered :( Date/time change is just an workaround... better wait for official Oculus update
  12. SSD all the way - you already receive a lot of good detailed advices
  13. Abburo


    DCS is an evolving beast. Those who sees only combat... feel free to fight. Those who enjoy the flight will benefit on any civilian airplane which will appear. Both guys can fly even together, escorting Airforce 1 :D, contacting the tower, prioritizing things.... c'mon people, get out from your narrow buble and let things evolve.
  14. But is not only about lack of contacts... is more.. is about power surge / short circuit which is way more dangerous.
  15. I feel that I need to share with you one of the most strange PC troubleshooting I have experienced. I think is a good read for any of you who are using this Display Port cables. Occasionally my PC was refusing to boot up, showing absolutely nothing on the monitor. This is kind of old story for me but I was always thought that my multiple USB devices were the source for this issue or my OC settings. When that was occurring I was disconnecting everything including power cable and video cable, then leave my computer 2 minutes to discharge any potential statically electric charge from the components and ultimately my computer was able to start. This symptom happens with my previous computer, as well as with the brand new one which can be seen in my signature. However, starting few day ago I felt I was going crazy because my PC refuse to boot up (with no image on the screen), no matter how long I was repeating the above procedure. By chance (a moment of brain fart), I have tried to connect my TV with a HDMI cable and it starts. With my computer running I have reconnected the main monitor and everything worked fine. But if I was shutting down my PC, I had to redo the start over HDMI with display port unplugged. This happens each and every time... since one week ago. I was perplexed and almost ready to write an email to ASUS to report this stupid issue because both MB and Video Card were made by them. But then, another brain fart occurred and I have asked my son to borrow me his DP cable. Here it is were the revelation occurred - my PC starts correctly connected to the main monitor. Then I have tried my DP cable on his PC which was a bit more verbose than mine and it reported immediately on the POST screen a Power Surge issue. **** , **** ****... sry for the words but that was in my mind. I went for shopping and bought the most expensive DP cable I have found. Now I am the most happy user, because I was literally preparing to return my motherboard to warranty and even more I was ready to switch away from ASUS as preferred brand. As a conclusion be careful about your cables... any cables. Do not come cheap with yourselves and buy only best, even they are more expensive. Also I need to reemphasize the ASUS robust builds as the components were able to sustain a power surge with no damage. #brainfartmoment
  16. Is that a hidden meaning that Sith have an KPI to limit his topics to a maximum Nine Lines - aka 9- or 9_ :))))))) Congrats 9- ! This was since forever your role with DCS and now is finally materialised .
  17. Very nice ! Did you considered to use a normal PC computer controller and remap your board accordingly?
  18. DCS is not cap'ed at all. Neither a bug as I am running up to 90 FPS on a pretty much similar rig. Wondering about that 64 FPS... cannot really understand the source of this value. How long this value is sustained? Is this just a maximum spike or it holds 64 FPS longer time? Did you tried multiple missions or online servers?
  19. Does it have a soap and shampoo support? Filled with water would be a perfect bathtub :D Joking of course, but is not something I would use at home. There is something not seen in the movie and I wondering about the response time. Having a general small size I think the motors are not powerful enough to really synchronize well the image with motion. Nice for kids and VR roller coaster though.
  20. Exclamation Mark sign was similar for me for the extra-controller I have added. Without trying to be an Microsoft defender, is not fair to compare it with Apple. While Apple have just few hardware devices to be adapted too.... Windows need to cover almost any hardware in the world... and this was since forever the biggest Microsoft challenge. As I mentioned in my previous post, my current setup have 0 issues with USBs right now. Software problems before were related to hardware malfunctions.
  21. @FragBum - I went in the very same issues myself. The story starts a while ago when I used some USB extension cables together with some powered USB hubs. Seems that at that point in time the MB have been electrostatically affected somehow and my devices were starting to disconnect and reconnect by themselves. I solved the issue by adding a new USB controller and get rid of any extension cables and hubs. Recently however, the USB3 from MB ceased to work completely. I had to change the MB after 5 years of usage and make an upgrade to latest intel generation CPU. With the new MB, my Oculus was reporting strange findings regarding USB2 even they were connected to USB3. This is kind of known issue and it was needed to disable from BIOS the USB compatibility... WIN10 does not like this very much, it seems. My opinion about your issue is that your MB have some problems which cannot be solved other way then adding PCI-E extension cards for extra USBs. Take care and buy those more expensive and even have a look into Oculus recommendation (they have a preferred one which should work). Also, check your power management for USB and disable this "feature" for USB... again this is something odd but can sometime solve some problems. And last but not least... some USB devices are very power hungry and can cause malfunction to USB chipsets. Saitek devices are very well known for this... from joysticks to mouse. I had such a mouse and had this behaviour as well. Hope this info will help and give some directions to follow to solve your problems.
  22. You are a genius ! No joke... Great work and thank you thousands times sharing this idea with us. :pilotfly::smartass::thumbup:
  23. 2.5 is a turn point for DCS. From now on a lot of things are more clear from development point of view. This does not mean is final... DCS is a living beast and it transforms itself in time. Most of developers, if not all 3rd parties were waiting for some final tools and procedures to finalize their work. I think that starting from now they will need roughly 1 year to conclude their modules. DCS as it is right now offers enough variety to keep us busy for this year. Also I think that is important to stop bullying the devs and give them some credit for their work and dedication.
  24. Nascar, your problem is not with DCS but with your hardware. There is no reason for Windows to not see all 3 devices... unless your hardware have a technical issue and the connectivity to Throttle and pedals from your main joystick base is somehow broken. Check your cables, connectors and so on.
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