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  1. I think this is only half true because in case you are flying helicopters this kind of transition is fine. The problem however remains with the bounce over the neutral position.
  2. @Sokol - I just double checked my VKB and you are right. It have 12 bit on main X-Y axis and strangely 11 bits on all other axis. I will double check the others when I will have some more time. Sorry for misleading this info, I will correct my initial post accordingly.
  3. For now I am keeping my VKB on my right side without extender as it fits best to an Ikea Poang chair. In this setup VKB shines best - proper height. porper travel for best precision. @hughlb - i am fully agree with your point of view and I am sure it will help more for others to take their decisions.
  4. Item availability is an elephant in house and I skipped it by purpose. :D Customer Service is something I was needed for VPC. Their response was quick and efficient. For VKB I managed to finally get it directly from China. They answered all my previous questions and helped me with all the requests during the shipment also quick and efficient. The parcel arrived in my country in only 3 days, but I had to wait another 5 days to receive the custom clearance. Not to say that I was hunting it for more than 1 year but I missed the pre-orders made by the Europe branch.
  5. I would like to share with you my personal opinion as I am the happiest owner of all 3 models in the subject. There is for sure no clear winner, hence I will try to compare their features hopping it will help you when you want to buy one. Please note from the beginning all of them are absolutely great pieces of hardware, hence some differences of course exists. 1. Grip Comfort This means how comfortable your hand will sit on the grip during extensive game times. I do have a medium (normal) hand size, so that this is could be a bit subjective but will apply to most of you. We have a clear winner here and this is the good old TM. The buttons ergonomic is something I would easily call perfect. It is seconded by VPC, which due to its size can also accommodate quite comfortable your hand. The upper right button as well as pinky button requires some effort to reach - theses being the only drawback. On third place came VKB. This grip address mainly some bigger handed guys and it suffers the same as VPC adding some discomfort to the right side thumb button. 2. Grip functionality This refers mainly to the amount of functions that could be added to your device. Yes, here it is also a clear winner. This one belongs to VKB MCG Pro. It simply have the most number of inputs, two analog mini-joysticks (one of them can be switched to buttons input by simply keeping it pressed for few seconds during your game time). Second place at this category will go to VPC. No analog mini-joysitck. Not much to say more. Third place will go to TM, with the least number of functions and also no analog mini-joystick. 3. Electronics precission [i will reevaluate this part] - Tested with "dlview" VKB - 12 bit for X-Y axis and 11 bit for minijoysticks and brake lever axis 4. Gimbal (mechanical) precission First place is shared by VPC and VKB, both of them having stellar mechanisms made 100% metal. I would say they are both build for life, maintenance free. Last place will go to TM. While its mechanics is theoretically good, it suffers from the well known stickiness and requires periodical maintenance (greasing). More than that, my TM device shows some small cracks on some of the gimbal plastic parts. It was not forced, is just weathering. 3. Grip extension behaviour This is to understand wherever an grip extender is a must have or nice to have. First place will go to VKB which is working equally great with or without grip extender. This is mainly due to the plastic clutches on both axis with are greatly improve the feeling. Second place will go to VPC. Becasue it have the tallest grip it also works great with or without extender. However I felt it slightly better with an 8 or even 12 cm extender. the final configuration I've been using remains on 12 cm extender. I tried 20 cm as well... but no... 12 cm remains best, 8 cm is good also Last came for TM again. The strong neutral position makes this device to require an extender in order to minimize the the center transition bounce. 4. Other features First will go to VPC. Its 100% compatibility with TM Warthog grip (it works both ways with VPC grip on TM base) makes it very compelling especially for TM owners which wants some more precision. This combination is almost perfect. It also features other parts on their store as extenders and desk mounts. Even if VKB support TM grip, this requires some parts changing and cannot be change from one to other with same ease. Secondly will go to VKB becasue it features an extender as well as the TM adapter. No extra features for TM, hence it is covered by one of the above 5. Buttons feeling I would not set any order here because all of them are featuring exceptionally great quality button inputs. However is worth saying the most real feeling is on TM side. But if you are going to switch to other game like Elite Dangerous for example, TM real feeling is not necessary the best and can cause some finger tiring . Some conclusions: Not very easy to choose, that's why I have all three of them :). I ended up keeping as my main one the VKB MCG pro. The number of inputs and analog axis plays a very important role in my decision. Also, the gimbal general feeling aided by those clutches is a step further. The gimbal travel distance (angle) is somewhere between VPC (minimum travel) and TM (max travel ) putting it above VPC. On the other hand, the combination of VPC base with the absolutely greatest grip ergonomic and weight of the TM is something fantastic. The capability to interchange the grips worth to use them both as well. In my case this setup ended up on my son virtual "cockpit" and we are the most happiest family ever. :joystick::pilotfly::smartass: Hope these information will help you to take the right decision for yourself.
  6. Abburo


    Is a shame that OvGME could be not supported or even vanished. It is better than JGSME ... Hence, I am wondering now if ED should actually start to have a look in a mod manager by themselves... so that will be officially supported and also to be able to use directly the ED user files repository. Something like Steam Workshop let's say. What do you think ED? Could this be taken in consideration?
  7. Ups and downs... hence I'm glad you did not leave the boat :)
  8. What OCD means? :D ... damn those acronyms :P
  9. Did everyone considered that he might helped ED in background so that current textures are actually reflecting his work too ? :) It is just an assumption of mine, pls don't shoot me, however Caucasus textures are very well done and I will not replace them just to have some more vivid colors.
  10. @Bogey Jammer: I would send you money for upgrades If I would have exceed them :D, but I am also in the situation where I plan my budget carefully. It always depends on every person priorities, but is not fair to stop evolution of something just because of our preferences or capabilities. Remember early days for Windows coming into market. It was from the beginning looking a bit more far than the current times hardware was offering at that moment. ED is doing a great job and I just want them to keep up with innovation, whishing also to evolve beyond planes to other motorized machines.
  11. I think we need to acknowledge the complexity of DCS and to look also for upgrading our parts. While things can and will be improved in time by ED we also need to start upgrading our components as well. And also while VR is a nice thing is not yet mass used. VR will need another 2 or 3 generations until can be really used with latest games in the market. If you look on the best rated games for VR you will find somehow a time travel, somewhere to 1995 genres, only slightly better in VR.
  12. 8700K will work overclocked @5GHz with absolutely no effort. Totally worthy for its performance/core as well as total performance it is delivering. Having the K version is just a loss of money if not running OC.
  13. Yes... I had it too. The screws which holds the cam get loose. Because of this the cam is clipping from one side to other generating that metalic click. Check for both axes and put some Loctite lock on them. Loctite is best because it also allows you unscrew if needed without destroying the screw head.
  14. I have looked today at twitch records from Ascot and I payed more attention to the commentaries. They sound so professionally done to me, it can easily be published on any TV network. Excellent work. Even it looks like a much easier track it proved to require even more DNFs than Abu Dhabi. So, no matter of track complexity we need to stay 100% focused, as the flying machines will not forgive us :) Another great Saturday night ! Thank you!
  15. Let's shoot them for broken promises... :music_whistling: I own Warthog and Virpil. Last one is a lot more smooth and precise. VKB I think is matching the smoothness of Virpil, but the MCG Pro grip looks even more functional. My credits goes equally for Virpil and VKB.
  16. I am buying P40 ... giving second chance for VEAO... maybe they will return with a refreshed approach to DCS. Don't really need that Typhoon... but I am sure there are few other aircrafts at Duxford they can bring to DCS... Good luck VEAO! Not a fan for your previous work but definitely looking forward for your work here
  17. 1. None - 0 - nada- niente - nimic :D 2. Same as for point 1 I have changed to soft cams, standard springs and 7.5 cm extension from the Warthog. I am using a small amount (up to 10) of curvature only when I am trying fly formation. The only command where I am almost always using curves is for rudder. Even MFG Crosswinds is a piece of art regarding the precision, I still found that the output in game too amplified for planes. No curves for helicopters....
  18. Thank you for your immense contribution. Few people have the knowledge, skills and determination to create such content, especially talking here about free content. I am also ready to pay for your work when a full blown module will be released.
  19. Yes, you are right, I already mentioned ... pffff :pilotfly:
  20. It was just an example and I also mentioned where applicable. Please try be more constructive :D. By starting with "not corect way" you just destroyed initial idea :) :) :)
  21. Hello ED, While I do appreciate the key customization flexibility that is currently in place with all modules, I am still wondering if you can consider adding a new feature to that menu so that a TOGGLE or HOLD option to be available where needed. Reason for request: Those of us which are using various controllers for custom builds can benefit and can use fewer controller inputs to achieve the same functionality. Example for Airbrake: - current implementation - Airbrake ON - 1 controller input (could be considered as default TOGGLE) ...................................- Airbrake OFF - 1 controller input (could be considered as default TOGGLE) - proposed implementation - Airbrake ON (as HOLD) - 1 controller input .......................................- Airbrake OFF - no input - just release the above button/switch So, in the first situation there are 2 inputs used to achieve same functionality as in the second option with only one input. Pumps, lights, APUs.. and many others could be easily adapted into a more ergonomic manner. I am fully aware this feature could be already achieved by adding them in .LUA files. However changing LUAs is not straightforward for all users and more than that, they are subject of altering during updates. I could actively participate in LUA adaptions if ED officials decides to add a GUI implementation to the already possible feature. Thank you,
  22. Unfortunately 1080 is not used in crypto. Actually is not worthing at all in crypto. Things are completely different with 1080TI, becasue of its faster memories,so that is one of the most wanted GPUs. I do feel that 1180 might be hardware locked for crypto... gamers market is in agony and they can squeeze a lot of money from that. A price of 700 $ is a fair price for such performances. I know it can be very expensive for some of us, still if performances are as they were revealed then is worthing. I also hope crypto dies... and hope to happen soon. Blockchain technology is a very fine concept and can be used to a lot of usefull things. Cryptocurency however is the worst application that only sick people could think of (I refer to founders here ;) )...
  23. This is my first contact with a organised multiplayer event and I need to say it was absolutely fantastic. Organizer made an amazing job to prepare the infrastructure (DCS mission, website, personalised liveries) and also managed the event in a very professional manner. All these efforts have been of course accomplished by the participants, which performed in the same profesional manner. Great event, great people, I am just very happy I joined it. Looking forward meet you all on the next sessions. Good luck and fly safe everyone! PS: I just need to add that my son Mibburo was equally excited about the race, in a way a I never saw him before :)
  24. This XXI century change people's sensitivity too much. Seems that we need to take soft words while we are hit hard. To understand better better what I am trying to tell you: "it's done when it's done" is equal with "we don't know yet how long it will take". While the first expression is hitting hard verbally, the second one is letting more room of compassion - neither however will change the final result. "Suing" everything is another disease which spread exponential in the last century and is doing more harm than good. Having these in minds is clear VEAO don't know how to communicate so that our "up to date" sensitive souls to not be hurt. C'mon people... we might be lost 40 bucks... is that a tragedy? Do you really think VEAO are now on a sunset beach ? So.. chill out people... let them do whatever they think they have to do and not take their blunt words personally.
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