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  1. Something like that. You can just go quickly in other like "Up, Up, Right" to get wanted action. And you don't need to keep looking that what is on screen.
  2. Yes, that is how it should work, but doesn't. Why the big need to be fixed first or it is not usable for anything. We need more choices to the settings and they need to be based on to mission file, not on designer personal settings (which is illogical). It would anyways be better to switch to a drop-down list in each setting than keep two checkboxes that just confuse people. Just label them as "Disabled", "Player/Client setting" and "Enforce".
  3. It should be like any other option in the mission: If the server wants to support Easy Communication for those clients who need it, it is then opt-in for those clients for their own and everyone who has it disabled will not have it. Then it can be disabled for everyone, or it can be enforced for everyone regardless their setting to have opt-out from it. - Not for anyone - Only for those who want it - For everyone And everyone would be happy, it is still a thing that cheaters couldn't use it if it is disabled and so on disallowed
  4. Here is how I would make it in the editor, we have at the bottom already two values. 1) Coordinates where the cursor is on map. 2) Altitude to terrain where cursor is on map. Even when they are not visually buttons, they could be used as such to switch between them when clicked with mouse. That would allow maintain the interface, but as well add the functionality. And we can do that same thing for the external views in the game view, and the F10 map. Adding a two buttons to make that switc
  5. In editor you change it from View menu. You need to move mouse to refresh view then. As I said, we have this feature in editor, but not the button for toolbar. And we don't have it as button (or feature at all) in F10 map. One can do it there as well, but you don't need to for editor. That is the silly part, we have the quick change in "View -> Unit" drop-down menu in the editor, but we don't have it in the F10 map. The functionality is right there but not added. 1) Add the button to toolbar to switch between Imperial and
  6. IMHO it is not about servers as dedicated ones, it is as well about a single player missions where mission designer decides how the mission is to be played (SP, CO-OP or MP). It is same as with any weapon, unit etc. The mission designer decides that what weapons are available and how many. What units are available and how many. Is there unlimited fuel, ammunition, is there a NAV system available, are there external views, can you see everyone on the map etc. If someone wants to deny a unlimited weapons for air-quake server, then it is their option. If someone denie
  7. Did you miss this? "Need to remind that we already have the option to switch between map coordinates values in editor and in F10 map." "But this is like 10th wish thread about this very exact topic at least since 2016."
  8. Need to remind that we already have the option to switch between map coordinates values in editor and in F10 map. But it is not a simple button click in the GUI but F10 a shortcut LAlt+Y. We should have these as buttons on main menu bar in map at top and bottom in editor. But this is like 10th wish thread about this very exact topic at least since 2016. So I don't hold breath that we get it anytime soon.
  9. Error is on my behalf.... Okay.
  10. AFAIK You don't get the same pie-menu but a 4-way hat designed menu. So you use a one hat in joystick to command the Petrovitch.
  11. IMHO it is odd (and could very well be reason for being difficult to read) that if you have example 4 bar scan going in 4th bar and it detects something, then it will be drawn on the screen only for that period when that last bar is shown and cleared away once the next pattern (1-4 again) is completed.
  12. Sure there are the traces of it, but it is just reason as it takes some time to people convert. They drive on the left, not on the right. And hence so many countries that has been under British rule drives on the right. It is very understandable why these things has come to be. Think about building a house in 15th century or something, you have someone telling you "I need 5 foot long board" and so on someone else put their foot on board and measures it to be five. Someone says in the bakery "I need five cups of flour" and so on one just picks up th
  13. There is only three countries left that use imperial, and it is USA. Liberia and Myanmar. But there is reason why so, as it would be just too difficult for USA to convert to metric. Like our whole navigation coordination system is based to degrees, minutes, seconds... The aviation is based to seafaring by using the clock and coordination system. And that is based to whole 360 degrees that is based to sun size and movement across the horizon. We could nicely drop the imperial system and just switch to metric one, but it requires that one country o
  14. Is there any memory function? Or does the contacts get cleared when new picture is started to be built?
  15. That is a strawman. No one is here saying that it should be removed. People are here talking that it should be a game setting that is either opt-in (non-default) or opt-out (default). IMHO it should be opt-in option, just like a infinite weapons, unlimited fuel or if just would be possible, 3 min repair etc. Those should be settings that mission designer can enable to make the gameplay easier and maybe funnier for those who are less skilled, who doesn't have time etc. That argument doesn't really work, but I bite.... What you are
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