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  1. It is like a JHMCS in DCS already, just that you don't get in those the larger FLIR. But already many had problems with it why ED added "left/right/both eyes" option. Likely we need that same for Apache too. Anyone who like to already experience it can use VTOL VR as it does it nicely. Zooming in with a targeting pod when only other eye sees it made at first day funny feeling but it is fairly natural thing how in darkness it makes possible to fly. But this always recalls the infamous US Army own "Top Gun":
  2. Well, every display user can be happy as they can just use a snap-view to get full screen view of it. TrackIR users can be as well happy for it. But VR users have problems as Apache and Mi-24 both does have these one-eye targeting scopes that need to rest your head when looking through. And if it becomes such, it will not be nice at all. And if it is like a normal gunsight like in Mi-8 or UH-1 doorgunners etc, it will be annoying.
  3. If Polychop is aiming with OH-58 to skip the Early Access and provide feature completed module out of the bag, then it takes further to get it polished. Then they just need to fix bugs and work something smaller things if everything has gone well with SME's and all.... It is little annoying for me as I like to take one module at the time for a use, learning and training and all. And now I am flying AV-8B for this month and soon we get four helicopters in coming months. So timewise it is for me a four new modules and not enough time Why it would be nice to
  4. They have pushed Hind so much for implementing lots of new stuff that it likely still doesn't have much left. But nothing can be certain as even Yak-52 is still unfinished, and hold there even when few things are waiting. That said, the EA phase can be something simple or then major like F-16CM or anything between. But when most things are done as reported, it is more done than not. Why I wouldn't want to see major discount just to please some people. Yes, knew that. But everything is subject to change. As how much they have completed Apache is questio
  5. I believe I have. I was today testing the maneuverability of the Harrier and few times I got to point that High AoA gave a peeping sound. Never heard it before as I don't perform such maneuvers normally. Didn't check the AoA but it was just just related to high pull for tight turn. It could be that I head about Max G or some other warnings, but this was just something new to me and I was just "Okay....".
  6. Mostly agree. 5 years ago there were few nice open source voice engines that became very natural ones. The expensive commercial ones were little better, but not so much. But the topic is very complex and challenging, why I think ED should go straight to Open Source versions, create from it the own module or program that they can offer for DCS users (can even be then with paid) with the download link for the modified sources. As while it would be nice to have it IN the DCS, I think what we mainly need is just a way to generate the audio files for mission editor. So quickly writ
  7. Voice Attack with all possible direct bindings for the Jester would be IMHO the only real way to go. But then you would need to remember all the commands you can say to him. Like "Scan ahead" or "Scan target above us" or something that should be natural enough but easy to remember so you don't start mixing sentences. Well, that sucks to be in the aircraft that was designed for the separate tasks. And that is the problem that so few wants to fly in Co-Op as RIO that truly makes the F-14 amazing experience. A good RIO and Pilot synergy and it is a blast. That is where it really
  8. Just started to wonder that how great such would be for a DCS... You get basic XBOX controller in it - with a keyboard. - two joysticks (with press) - Two triggers - Two push buttons - two 4-way hats. - Full keyboard Like one should be able to make a Su-25 or Su-25T flyable just with those (I have) without need for a keyboard. But that keyboard would make it better as you could just hit all the required combos for the functios. And that slider quickly to switch between Mouse, you could still click cockpits with it. Now considering that is small
  9. Seems to me it is more unlikely to get Hind with pre-order price being -30% as it likely skips the Early Access phase, as ED has been delaying Hind release now for 2-3 years and they are adding more and more features to it from the start so it is not "in development" as level as it would have. Last autumn we would had Hind already but they wanted to add the AI WSO and some other elements, that pushed it further. The Wags has teased the Hind with own style since years back "What is that Hind doing here" and made the first flight videos etc meaning they were ready but community
  10. Even better way is to use the keyboard numpad commands to move the viewpoint forward/backward and up/down (left/right is not required) to position your head properly with the 3D pilot. And then hit that Viewpoint Save (IIRC AltGr + Shift + Num5) to store it as the default. Now you can at any given point just reset your viewpoint normally and you are in proper position. Now the next level 3D pilot cockpits that should be raced by different studios who is first to implement are: 1) Hands move with the virtual gloves. 2) Upper torso moves by the head position (leaning)
  11. Thought so that battery doesn't have enough power to maintain INS aligned for long times... Made a 3 hour session with a four rearming and on the fourth time the INS went out. On previous three it was enough to just turn INS Off before turning engine Off, and then bring it back to NAV after engine was running. Same thing repeated on all four times and on fourth it did then go wanky. Thank someone for the IFA as it would be pain to save and then input the coordinates each time where did you shut down your aircraft as kneeboard can't hold that info anymore.
  12. AFAIK, Wags will upload new features to Open Beta. And then Eagle Dynamics uploads when those features comes to Stable. The end of news letter will literally say so. "You can expect these minor fixes and many more additions to be included in the next Open Beta 2.5.6 update planned for next week. "
  13. My real annoyance is not that you need to stop and restart the engine if you happen to forget the wheel chucks to be removed, but that your HUD goes crazy that you can't anymore get the velocity vector, compass and over half of other values like speed etc. Like make a minimum start-up procedure, and then shut engine off by doing all backwards, and then try to start-up it again and system is unusable.
  14. Was reading some old reddit threads about Harrier, and in one thread someone said he was previously working as a ground crew for Harrier, in the topic about the wheel chocks. And discussion was about how many times someone forgets to request take the wheel chocks before engine is started, as then the ground crew denies to take them off. But that person said that it was normal to take them off while engine was running and because that he has the tinnitus as the engine keeps so annoying sound at close distance. So shouldn't that be removed as denied task to take off the wheel chocks
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