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  1. OH BABY!! C'mon funny feelin' !!!
  2. A CVE for the Corsair and any other US Navy carrier planes would be a priority of mine however anything from that era would be gladly accepted!
  3. That's just beautiful man!! Thanks Donny, you've made my month!!
  4. I'm very excited about the prospect of having the Mossie in my hanger gathering dust after a while!! But seriously, the bomb delay should be a "thing" for all of the planes that can carry bombs. From Jugs to Ponies and Spits as well as the 109's and 190's.
  5. Dude,...... Donny, ya gotta help me man!! I'm dying here! Just throw me a little bone. I need a fix something fierce and it's been a month now. I'm bouncing off the walls man!! Please! Any little bit will help. I gotta have my A-7 juice!!
  6. Unfortunately, it is ships that are moving (under way) that I would like to put the smoke effect on. I even tried to use a moving zone with the triggered smoke and it would not stay on the ship. It is just left floating in the water like the smoke effect is. In my opinion, the smoke effect would be better because it does not go out in 5 minutes after it is spawned.
  7. I think that it would be very useful to allow the mission builder to place the smoke and/or fire effects on an AI ship, which is under way, to simulate damage that has been inflicted. Would this be possible for ED to accomplish without too much trouble?
  8. I agree that the Black Widow would make a great addition to DCS WWII however, as interesting a plane as it was, I feel like the Douglas Invader would lend itself to a much wider audiance within DCS World. Not only was it an excellent medium bomber in WWII, it operated very successfully in Korea and several more conflicts, such as the Bay of Pigs operation, Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia and several other operations throughout the African continent.
  9. Thanks for posting this. I did not see that in the ME
  10. I'd think that the actual mission file would be much more useful in trying to determine what the problem might be. Are these a/c all in the same mission? Did you make that mission? What is the actual preset frequency that is giving you a problem?
  11. Although I can say for sure that the mission of mine counter measures holds no interest for me whatsoever, the regular old CH-53E with refueling probe would be an absolute first day buy for me! As an old heavy lift helicopter pilot, I can tell you that there are two things in that role that are just universal; you never have enough power to lift what they want, and you never have enough fuel to take it as far as they need!
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