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  1. Sorry Spanky, I should have said, "The only reason the string is flapping sideways while in flight is because you're way out of trim, not because there is a crosswind. Merry Christmas to you as well.
  2. The only reason the string is flapping sideways is because you're way out of trim, not because there is a crosswind.
  3. Maybe I misunderstood you Uxi, but the ED F-14A does do exactly what Jagohu is asking for. As a matter of fact - I think - The HB F-14B used to this when it first came out, that is, its wings would fold back as soon as you linked it to the carrier when placing it on the deck as a static object. It would be nice if "they" could get it back to doing that again. :thumbup:
  4. What Jester 986 said:thumbup: I would definitely support any full fidelity module you guys ever decide to produce. Thanks for the interview and many thanks for this T-45!!
  5. I have a question about the refueling pod; Does the tanker determine the amount of fuel delivered or does the receiver set that? It would be nice to be able to somehow specify the max amount of fuel to be delivered during a mission.
  6. Definitely a worthwhile wish. It would be awesome to see ED and/or some 3rd Party developer really get serious about the PTO during WWII. I have no doubt that it will eventually happen, my only concern - being 69 yrs old - is whether I will live long enough to see it. :pilotfly:
  7. Is there any reason why it couldn't be filmed landing on a carrier, or launching from one? Is that going to be possible? Is the refueling probe there just for looks? .... and I don't mean that in a snide manner. I am wondering if the Buc will have the same restrictions as the A-4E ie. no radio ergo no ability to tank. Beautiful model though. I've always loved the RN carrier a/c! :thumbup:
  8. The REAL trick will be to see them develop a truly amphibious plane such as the PBY Catalina or the Grumman J-2F Duck or the Supermarine Walrus!
  9. Actually, 2 wishes; 1) Would it not be possible to have a few more Tanker Callsigns? 2) This one is a little more frivolous I suppose. Can you have the tanker recognize which player is requesting the rejoin? Mother gets that courtesy, I should think that the tanker deserves the same respect. :smilewink:
  10. AG-51_Razor


    This is one of the few modules that, despite the lack of a launch bar, tail hook or folding wings, will be a first day buy for me! Looking forward to throwing my money at you RAZBAM!!
  11. Awesome update HB!! Thank you for your continued dedication to this module! I am an extremely satisfied customer!
  12. Thank you ED!! :thumbup::thumbup:
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