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  1. Thanks for the detailed reply. So do I have this straight: So then what about DCS/FC3, are those all sharing same map as FC2? (except Nevada that was added and I think one more) ? Any idea if FC1 content can be extracted and used either with FC2 or LOMAC (like extracting textures).
  2. Do LOMAC/FC1 and FC2 all share same maps? Or did FC1/FC2 add new maps?
  3. Thats version 1.0, once you install a patch Altimeter on the main menu will get a version number on it.
  4. Why do we ever go back to old games instead of always playing latest and greatest? I dont know, because I want to? Is that not reason enough? Nostalgia? Does FC3 have all of the same missions/campaigns/landmasses? If not then it wouldnt be a better replacement, it would just be an alternative. In the ideal world I have access to all of them and play all of them. Not just one. I dont mean to pick a fight. But what you have stated is the obvious. The whole "they would have to modify it to support a new OS thing" is a loop hole. And as for the reason as to why do it, how about so that thei
  5. So I bought LOMAC Gold back in like 2004 or 2005. I played it back then a bunch, but its been on my shelf for over a decade. I recently dug out my old stick and got this urge of playing LOMAC again. :joystick: LOMAC installs and runs (with minor issues) on Windows 10. But the second disc (Flaming Cliffs) uses StarForce, which after jumping through hoops for a few hours I finally concluded (through updating StarForce and using their utility (http://www.star-force.com/support/sfhelper/) and it actually telling me that the only way it would ever work would be for the developer to release a
  6. Here is the Moscow one. 30,000 troops participated in it. vhkePLsm_pU
  7. Its more of a tradition, every year May 9th, anniversary of German Surrender in WW2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victory_Day_(9_May) When i was a kid I remember going to these with my family, since both of my Grandpa's fought, they walked in the parade. Its not really to show off anything, its more to celebrate the soldiers of WW2. And how else would military do a parade other than roll through with troops/equipment... its not like they can/will do Flower floats lol :P whats amazing to me is that, after living for better part of my life in the US, looking at these troops.. and eve
  8. Video of the parade - Equipment starts rolling at 33minute mark with T-34 (the most produced WW2 tank) as the opener. Followed by BM-16 - Katyusha Troops are wearing Period Appropriate uniforms/weapons. Photos - http://svinchukov.livejournal.com/256053.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter edit - added Moscow parade 2 posts down.
  9. Yes, that is the exact song I am talking about :). Cool, so its just poetry? no significance?
  10. What is the significance of this number? 1100? perhaps 1100 meters? why is it important? It may apply to all WW2 aviation, not just Russian, but its in a Russian song about WW2... thanks in advance :)
  11. wow all I can say is that when I made this post I didnt expect it to get so huge.. lol its an interesting read nonetheless.. =D
  12. cant you change the search zone from 60 degrees to 30? making it refresh faster cuz it doesnt have to search too far?
  13. found it in the folder along with a bunch of other things.. had to install Adobe reader tho... thank you
  14. I dont have a manual.. my game only came with a booklet with controlls. like 4 pages big. if you arent going to help plz dont asnwer.. and thank you for those who helped
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