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  1. I have been trying to design a mission which simulates AI interceptors taking off with their air-to-air radars in silent mode. The intend is to simulate GCI control of the AI interceptors until they are within a set range of the intruder aircraft they are being directed to intercept. The current options (waypoint actions) for turning off and on the AI interceptors' radar are very clumsy and often do not work. It would be an improvement if there were simple actions - such as "Set radar to silent"; "Set radar to search mode" and "Set radar to attack mode" that could be selected for particular wa
  2. I think I have found the issue. I have Voice Attack with the VIACOM PRO plugin. I ran the test mission with VA turned on and the message was displayed. So the culprit is not DCS but rather VA. Thanks for the support Flappie.
  3. Thanks Flappie. Attached is a simple mission with one zone that the S-3B flies through to trigger the Message to All. I have put the trigger zone between two waypoints so I can monitor the S-3B's progress from its "passing waypoint" calls. I have also put a sound file (Spike.ogg) in the Trigger Actions. I hear the sound file but no message appears on screen. Message to Coaliton test.miz
  4. I have built several missions that include Trigger Actions to display a Message but now I find that this is no longer occurring when I run the missions. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  5. Hi Habu_69 I looked at MOOSE's AI Balancing but that appears to only apply to the one side. That is if there are four red aircraft client slots and one client slot is selected by a player then the other three slots are occupied by AI - until such time as another player selects a slot when one of the AI then RTBs resulting in two red players and two red AI etc. According to the lua file the Spawned AI script and the Patrol AI script do the following: Spawned AI 1. If no player is logging into the red slots, 2 red AI planes should be alive. -- 2. If a player joins one red slot, o
  6. I am building a MP mission - PVE - where I would like to balance the number of player and opposing AI aircraft. The mission consists of a Strike Package of four Blue AI ground attack aircraft which are escorted by up to four player manned Blue fighter aircraft. The opposition consists of up to four Red fighter interceptor aircraft. What I want to achieve is that when a player spawns in one of the Blue escort fighters this triggers an AI fighter interceptor to also spawn in. At the moment I have only been able to achieve this by having each Red aircraft as a separate Group which is then GRO
  7. Desperately need the deck crew to have wands at night.
  8. Just tried the Instant Action Mission and despite the Tanker giving me a "clear contact" it did not deploy its refueling hose/basket.
  9. Up until now I have been successfully launching the F14 from the SC by either clicking on Salute in the Ground crew menu or by saying Salute using Voice Attack with the Viacom Plug-in. Haven't needed to use Shift-U. Just completed 4 launch and recoveries on the same server I flew earlier today - one launch from each catapult. No problems with using VA and speaking the command "Salute". Did not need to use Shift-U. Did not need to call up the Ground crew menu.
  10. I was in a MP server and my F14 would not launch. Track attached. Carrier Group Day 2-20200808-125848.trk
  11. It would be helpful if Viacom had a Bugs page on their website where players could notify any bugs they find and include logs, tracks etc. While this thread is good it also includes much discussion which makes it more difficult to separate the bugs from the narrative.
  12. Had a strange thing happen today when flying the F14. I have Hot Mic selected in Viacom Pro and when I said "Options" my cockpit disappeared and the Jester ring appeared (except there was no central Jester image and I could not manipulate the ring in any way). I pressed LALT and F1 and the cockpit reappeared. This happened a couple of times. Anyone had a similar occurrence and know how to fix it?
  13. Track file is now in my OneDrive here https://onedrive.live.com/?id=8F6E5791EF783678%21531&cid=8F6E5791EF783678 hope this helps sort this matter.
  14. Found the problem with the attachment - the forum's limit is 5 Mb and the attachment is 16 Mb. I see if I can edited it down to get within the forum limit.
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