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  1. I have had this problem in multiplayer, normally turning the TACAN on and off gets it working again. If i 'am trying to find a tanker i can be as close as 40nm but still need to turn TACAN on off
  2. Does anyone know how to use the IFF since the update
  3. The Hornet has a G limiter to stop you over stressing the aircraft, this can be overridden by using the A key
  4. With DCS i'am not sure i would be able to see the target at 3.8nm, but in the real world you could shoot at those distances with reasonable accurracy
  5. Get the same problem with the f18 radar, the enemy can be coming straight at you and bein the middle of your radar elevation setting(checked by using the SA page) and the enemy will not be detected this happens intermitaintly, the f16 radar is way better
  6. This is Bug even using the radio command the deflector shield goes up and the catapult may or may not connect. tried to save atrack file but that seems to be broken as well.
  7. @ So does that mean if you open and then turn it off it could still cause problems? If so i would call it a bug
  8. comms F8 for groundcrew, F4 for chocks F1 or F2 for place, remove chocks
  9. On the check. There is no way a pylon would weight 1800 pounds.
  10. When i add a single AIM120C it adds 2125 pounds to the aircraft weight on the checklist. The DCS encyclopedia says the weight of an AIM120C is 330pounds, is this a bug
  11. Tried to do a cleanup used your video, came back as not recognised, using widows 10 build 1903
  12. Originally posted by HC_Official Really wish the AI no firing in MP dedicated server was fixed, its kinda turns it from DCS or just DS ... without the Combat part , crossing my fingers for next patch +1
  13. Has the AI not attcking in MP been looked at?
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