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  1. and I have a birthday today. nice gift :-(
  2. please mail me the link to the support site
  3. yes and still the same after installing 1.7.0 will appear after 5 seconds updated to 1.8.0 and can not cancel
  4. https://forums.oculus.com/developer/discussion/42713/update-1-8-0-277202-help-me#latest Please help since yesterday, I wanted to update the oculus but if it is updated so it stops working. I tried to reinstall but nothing helps when you reinstall again wants to update. Sorry for English translate Google After the update does not work oculus You can not cancel the update Please help?
  5. Thank you for your help. I'll wait
  6. After canceling IC mode no difference log PM
  7. I do not know where to find him. What is the address and name of the file? So I found it send PM
  8. I tried to reinstall but still no ground vibrations
  9. I have all the modules but neither one does not know taxiing on the runway or closing, open gears
  10. I'm the only one who still can not land effects? My version
  11. On our server _____ you can watch web-based statistics of your performance based on SLMOD! For all the time you spend on this server you can get an analysis of your kill/death ratios and many other information. For futher details you can visit our forum on http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=157722 http://mb2.cz/domains/MB2/index.php/dcs-home/202-dcs-world-server-statistiky
  12. I have a KW-901. If I run a test to see sound module that runs the sound but Kw-901 does not respond
  13. I used 100% because I did not feel vibrations enough good. I am not sure, how to correctly use the "sound module" - If I need to connect any special additional equipment or if I need to connect USB only or also the jack to the main audio output. Because I can not speak English enough well, I would be glad if someone created a video tutorial. Thank you.
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