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  1. When Flying the A10 I get Missile launch warnings all the time when friendlies fire mavericks or even when enemy artillery fire Rockets. Usually fire off Countermeasures just in case unless its visually obvious whats shooting and where. Can be unnerving when trying to clear SAM sites and too much is going on. Situational awareness is key. Knowing whats in the air and on the ground and the capabilities is what will keep you alive. That's what makes Instant Action missions so hard.
  2. At first I was like "Is this DCS, did they upgrade explosions?" Then I realized it was real footage. Gaming has come a long way. Saw the interview about the Falklands and that landscape is going to be incredible.
  3. I did this on the Nevada map. I flew all the way to San Francisco/ Bay area, with the F15. You could see it on the F10 Map. The Images changed the further west you went. Sacramento area still appeared to have Ariel photography mapped but then the terrain imagery changed to a muddy out of focused desert. Of course their was no terrain. That seemed to cut off at Lake Tahoe. I have no Idea how to place objects on the map in these "Off map zones" Doubt that these areas will ever get modeled. Imagine the HDD space that would take up and the time it takes away fr
  4. I would fly the A10A a lot more with a clickable cockpit. Already own it since I flew it since the Loc-on Days In the mission editor is there an 80s era time-frame to limit weapons and Liveries to the time period?
  5. I find them great as a backup for other unguided weapons and a great way to clear Antiaircraft guns before strafing targets. 7 Guided shots on one pylon.
  6. I think the Cartridges are Gen X expendables "Decoys" that send out signals to a radar or missile that the aircraft is "Here" The other Gen X decoy is a towed jammer that does the same. I believe these countermeasures are deployed from canisters that take a spot on a weapons rack. More protection but loose some room for bombs and missiles.
  7. Wow... What a great addition. The models look great.
  8. Sorry Its a 250 GB drive. So yeas everything I own could fit on a 500 GB. My question is about future maps. Syria was pretty big, will upcoming maps be as large? And yes using half an SSD increases longevity.
  9. My DCS drive, a Samsung 860 SSD at 500 GB, is nearing capacity. After I purchased the Syria map I have had to unload other modules to fit everything. So.... Time for an upgrade. Currently I have all of the Maps except the Channel. I have 2 war-birds, all A10s, Flaming cliffs MiG 21, F 18, F16, SU 33. and others. So the drive is full and I can even load everything I own. I plan on purchasing all of the currently planned maps, Marianas, South Atlantic, Afghanistan... or was Iraq next? Maps take up the most space; I will need to get the Harrier with South Atlantic so there is that.
  10. Whaa?? On 2 monitors the map goes to the California coast?!! San Francisco the whole bay area down to Monterey, north to Ft Bragg? How far south west does this go? I assume since Lake Havasu is the very southernmost town then the southern most city in California would be Malibu... North Los Angeles? HMMM Time to fly off the map to the west and see what I can see... Likely nothing much like flying to Moldova or Istanbul in the Caucasus.
  11. I did not see the original Post about this, the Poll. My vote is Yes. Is this something that would be part of a Dynamic Campaign, or added on later? I could see this as a paid add-don to enhance a dynamic campaign, you have to make money. The result would the best most immersive modern war simulator ever made. Every mission would be different, and it wont matter if your in a Tank a Ship Sub or Aircraft.
  12. I thought I read many years ago they had Man-pads. Not sure what kind but there was concern that they could have Stinger missiles. I know they had a lot of US stuff that was supposed to be in the Iraq army. Do the insurgents have the Humvee or other US equipment in the mission editor? I know they had the Toyota Hilux, with the AAA package. Thats a Mod someone really needs to make to complete this map. https://abcnews.go.com/International/us-officials-isis-toyota-trucks/story?id=34266539
  13. Is there a way in the Mission editor to to place, control, interact with Oil tankers and such in the mission editor? Would like to create Escort missions and a possible campaign in the Persian Gulf map. I know there are some old Russian vessels available for that coalition but I am looking for something like a Japanese flagged Super tanker that the fleet has to keep Red forces from Damaging or approaching. Seems like there are a lot of objects, buildings, vehicles, and such that you cannot place or use in the mission editor. I also like the modern looking cars in the Sy
  14. So is there anywhere we can go to see the TERMS of use for the new Oculus Quest before buying? I am under the impression that if I use the headset tethered to the computer and use it for DCS I wont need to log in to a Facebook account. If I do need to "Log in" what do they have access to? Will it announce on Facebook that I am in DCS flying planes, come Join him posts. (I think of the endless requests for me to join Candy Crush Games from friends - Sorry aunt Deb) Privacy is a concern. I have already read that the cameras on the headsets can be hacked and people can see insid
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