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  1. Hi everyone, I have noticed while trying to set up a supersonic interception of a group of Tu-22M3 in the ME that the group does not respect the speed it was assigned in the ME. The instantaneous speed is not the one set in the ME (and in the trk attached even the average speed is incorrect). Sometime one airplane is going faster and sometime it slows down (in the trk attached the 3rd plane is the one whose speed is constantly changing). I've seen this with the GS being locked but also if I try to lock the ETA (with GS unlock). Is this the intended behaviour ?
  2. Hi, I encountered some weird behaviour while flying the Hornet : I'm in RWS with LTWS boxed. I put the TDC over a "brick" and designate it. Then, with the TDC still over the trackfile, I command an AACQ: As you can see the TDC is over the target but the B-sweep line "jumps" to a far away target during the acquisition process. Then I find myself with the wrong target locked : The track corresponding to those screenshot is attached. I have been able to reproduce the bug several times. The mission I used is "Ode to Mongo". The track was made with DCS World Open Beta v2.
  3. This is exactly why I asked the question: just to learn more about the plane, indeed you don't need it to fly but it's always good to know how things are done. I thank everyone for their replies even if the question has not been answered.
  4. Hi, While flying the Harrier I was intrigued by the fact that, though I kept my aircraft aligned with the "commanded heading marker" on the HUD (which is called the bug I think), I was still drifting away from the waypoint. Here I made a mission with 60 kts wind and you can see the "bug" is directing me to the geographic heading of the waypoint and I have to compensate the drift so my ground-track stays in line with the waypoint heading to actually fly toward it. I am pretty sure the "bug" should be drift corrected so I think this is an issue, am I correct ? Thank you in advanc
  5. Hi, I'm currently learning how to fly the F-5E and I would like to know (out of curiosity) what is the link between the AOA units displayed by the AOA indicator and the real AOA in degrees. Thank you very much for you help.
  6. Just did it. I have missed the "bonus target" since I did not try to refuel but otherwise destroyed the enemy HQ and got home safely. The SEAD component of the flight was useless but the blame is on the AI which jettisoned its AGM-122 when engaged and was subsequently killed. I went for a very low (200 ft) and fast (450 kts GS) level pass. After viewing the briefing it seems I did not load the snakeyes I wanted for this mission and therefore I was lucky DCS do not take into account fuze arming delays otherwise it would have all been for nothing. The Igla shot and missed but the Tungusk
  7. Depending on the missile seeker it may need a specific waveform to guide (for instance the seeker may rely on CW illumination of its target). Upon detection of this waveform the RWR will issue a launch warning. I was explained that's how the launch warning work in the F-16 for instance. If the missile home without requiring a specific waveform then you should'nt have a launch warning, you'll only know that you are locked. However if the RWR detects a missile emiter then it will display this emitter (likely as the most urgent threat to deal with). More elaborate logic might be used than thi
  8. Bacab

    Mirage F1

    I don't want to diminish his work but I'm quite sure he is wrong on this one. If you read the discussion on the subject on acig you'll see there is no definitive proof of that anywhere. Envoyé de mon G8441 en utilisant Tapatalk
  9. Ah... I thought it was complete, hence my incomprehension. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. Wait a minute : what is supposed to happen that makes the campaign end here ? I'm quite frustrated I can not go beyond the landing at Batumi.
  11. I had the same issue. Envoyé de mon G8441 en utilisant Tapatalk
  12. Is there an update scheduled for the English manual ? There are several "to do" in the document as well as missing translation.
  13. If you want to check, my source is the documentation from SAMSim. Maybe the control of SA-2 systems was handed over to ground forces when it became obsolete as an area defense system ? I have my doubts though. The thing is SA-2 is not intended as a movable asset and I have yet to read an instance where an SA-2 battery was moved to a frontline. Usually they were set up on fortified position to defend strategic areas and could not really move from those positions. So it make little sense to hand their control to ground forces.
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